These awards have always been the absolute pinnacle of the mobile world - the only place where the voice of the consumer gets to have a real impactful say on the best phones, wearables, retailers and networks. Our 2019 edition saw the largest number of consumer votes in all of our 20 year tenure, a whopping 34,000 consumers had their say!

How does it work?

Trusted experts from the number one consumer tech site in the UK, Techradar do an audit of all the year's products and come up with a shortlist. Consumers are then invited to vote on thier favourites. Our expert panel of judges also have their say and the result is the perfect balance between consumer views and expert voices. 

How is it different to other awards?

The Mobile Consumer Choice Awards give consumers a huge say in the winners on the night, with a number of categories 100% consumer voted and many of the rest are 50:50 split between consumers and our expert panel of judges.