Cappuccino Craze

Cafs are the new pubs - and bars and kitchens and offi ces and WI meetings. According to the Economic and Social Research Council, coffee-houses are becoming substitute spaces for whole areas of our lives, from business meetings to study groups and post-natal classes (well, ok, new mums sitting around drinking double decaff lattes and swapping sleepless night stories)
According to the ESRC report, behind the trend lies 'an increasing number of returning holiday makers who wish to replicate their experiences of drinking high-quality coffee abroad.' To be honest, we fi nd the local Starbucks can't hold a candle to a Paris brasserie. But we like the blueberry muffi ns and best of all, the cappuccino run - heavens, you think that us busy Executaries have time to sit down - gets us out of the office for at least quarter of an hour

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