Samsung U700V in-depth review -

Look and Feel

With its mirrored exterior and colourful display, coupled with its ultra-slim build, the U700V certainly has the wow factor. Although, the super shiny finish is susceptible to finger smudging.


With HSDPA on board, the U700V is great for web surfing and even allows users to watch television if you choose to subscribe to the Mobile TV service. A 3.2-megapixel camera and built-in music player are also squeezed into this ultra-slim device.

Ease of Use

As with many touch-sensitive devices, the keys can be a little too sensitive, with the slightest brush on the U700v resulting in an unwanted action. Samsung has allocated each key with a specified note to indicate a key press, but these prove to be frustrating rather than helpful.


The camera, once you have gotten used to taking shots with the handset open, is of a very high standard. The music player, while audibly competent, disappoints in that playlists can only be organised by song rather than artist or album. The HSDPA speeds are impressive.

Battery Life

The battery life of the U700V is adequate without being marathon-esque.

 Samsung U700V Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:45:51 PM


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Look and feel


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Ease of use


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Battery life


Not only easy on the eye, the U700V takes cracking photos


The touch-sensitive soft keys prove to be infuriating rather than invigorating

The mirrored exterior and bright 256,000-colour display coupled with its slick ultra-slim build make the Samsung U700V extremely easy on the eye.

However, its smart appearance also makes it susceptible to the odd finger smudge. The sliding mechanism feels secure, but as with its predecessor, the U600, the touch-sensitive soft keys are an acquired taste. Samsung has added a specified note to each key (when played from one to 10, it plays a scale) to indicate a key press, but the tones are downright irritating and you'll soon be switching to silent.

HSDPA capabilities

For those with an observant eye, you may also notice that the U700V is slightly thicker than the U600, albeit a mere 1mm, and a whole 5g heavier. Having maintained its super-slim appearance, the U700V also boasts additional HSDPA - the U600 didn't even manage 3G. Subscribe to Mobile TV and the U700V's on-board HSDPA will allow you to enjoy fast, high-quality streaming.

The soft key on the right-hand side of the fascia when in idle mode takes you directly to Vodafone Live! - winner of Best Internet Operator at this year's Mobile Choice Awards.

The turn-key proves a useful tool to scroll around web content, though the touch-sensitive keys can be a little too sensitive and the slightest brush may result in an unwanted action. The U700V enables webpages to be viewed in three sizes - large, normal and small -  which allows even more web content to be displayed at any one time, although in miniature text.

3.2-megapixel camera

As with the U600, the 3.2-megapixel camera remains impressive, with the photo quality extremely sharp thanks in part to the auto-focus, zoom and flash. The camera can be accessed via a side key. Press this while the phone is closed and the camera on the front of the handset will be activated. Slide the phone open and a much better shot can be taken as you can use the large screen as a viewfinder. As can be the case with a number of slider phones, when lining up a camera shot, the handset can feel uncomfortably wide. What's more, as the lens is at the far end of the camera, positioning can take some getting used to.

Press the click-wheel to the right when in camera mode and it will switch to video camera. The settings can be adjusted according to whether you want to send the video via MMS, which will give you up to 13 seconds of footage. Otherwise, its full capacity is an hour.

Music time

The music player, while audibly competent, disappoints in that playlists can only be organised by song rather than artist or album. This can make shuffling through your music collection rather laborious.

While it looks the part and HSDPA is a welcome addition to what was already an impressive handset, it's a shame that Samsung hasn't used the U700V to address the problems that surfaced with the original. The touch-sensitive soft keys are annoying and it's not the easiest handset to navigate around.