Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ in-depth review - Edge of superstardom

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review - Edge of superstardom

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,10/19/2015 10:45:15 AM


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Fabulous display | Superb camera |


No expandable memory | incredibly expensive | size not for everyone

- By Sunetra Chakravarti

Samsung are on a roll. Having tasted success with the Galaxy S6 range and with the market for phablets on the up, they released a cat amongst the pigeons with the Edge Plus.

Gorgeous, with the same stunning curves as the award-winning Galaxy S6 Edge, The Edge + just ups the game for phablets and Samsung who have now suddenly been propelled to super-stardom for their very premium devices that both look and work a dream. 

This device is a super-sized version of the S6 Edge and it will be good to see which one consumers go for given that Samsung have now reduced the price of this handset by hundreds so it is now actually cheaper than the superlative Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Look and feel

This is the most premium looking device out there in the market. The wrap-around Gorilla Glass screen makes it a sight for sore eyes. Our 'Platinum Gold' review sample lived up to its name with a mirrored surface infused with a hint of gold. It gives the phone such a staggering amount of kerb appeal that everyone I met was automatically more interested in it than the iPhone 6s that I also had with me.

And it is easy to see why, the Edge+ is thin. And it looks thinner still because the metal curves under the glass on the side making it look like just a razor-thin slice. It is also long rather than wide so is easy to hold and use one-handed. However, using it one handed comes with its own perils. You are bound to activate the curved screen on the sides making the phone do funny things like bring up contacts, ring people or even start up apps that are lined up along the side of the phone.


Of all the phones I have reviewed till date, I like the Galaxy Note Edge the most because it still had one rigid non-curvy side so there was no chance you could activate the phone just by holding it. 


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Processor, performance and battery

The same processor sits across the S6 range: Exynos 7420, Quad-core 2.1GHz and 1.5GHz CPUs and Mali-T760 GPU but what sets the Edge+ apart is the increased RAM. While on the twin models, it is a 3GB RAM, the Edge+ has a 4GB one which makes gaming and grunt work easier, smoother and faster. This phone sits at the top of Samsung's premium flagship range and the words stutter, buffering and sluggishness dont even come to mind. 

The battery on the Edge+ is larger too, but just by a tiny amount. It is now 3000 mAH over the 2550mAH of the S6 and the 2600mAH of the S6 Edge. However, you need to remember the screen is also .6-inch bigger and that Super AMOLED screen burns through battery at an alarming rate. You will never get more than a day's use with it but there is a silver lining to this rather dark ominous cloud. There is wireless charging available and the wired charger that comes with the phone can top it up by about 25% with a 10 minute charge. Not sure about you, but that's the kind of top up I need when rushing between appointments and meetings where being a wall hugger is not really an option.

Samsung S6 Edge+: TouchWiz and Android

Samsung have teamed up with Microsoft so several MS apps come pre-loaded on the phone like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Skype. While it is, in theory, a good thing, it just makes everything very clogged up and complicated. Apart from obviously also taking up too much storage space. Of 32GB, we only had access to about 21.46GB and did have to rummage around for some of the very familiar Android apps only to find them cloaked in Samsung's TouchWiz. Their custom UI is pared down and nippy and even though it isnt totally bloat free, we quite like the free 100GB free storage that comes with OneDrive preinstalled. 

There is also fingerprint support, or should we say prints because it will take upto 4, repeatedly touch the home button to get the fingerprint stored on the phone and unlike previous Samsung devices, you only need to place your digit on it to unlock. 

There are several typically Samsung quirky features that are now being used across all of their premium devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 which we recently reviewed, including Direct Call which allows you to ring the person whose call log, text or contact details are currently on the screen, Smart Alert vibrates to tell you about notifications when you pick up your phone, Mute incoming calls and alarms by placing your hand on the screen or by turning it over and Palm Swipe to capture screenshots.

The Edges on the Samsung S6 Edge+

The Edges can be configured to bring another layer of ease of use to the device. Go into settings to activate Edge Lighting which will light up if you recieve a call/text, you get immediate notifications from important contacts which appear on the edge of the phone nia People Edge, you can access your favourite and most frequently used apps by swiping the edge of the phone. The iPhone 6s has a similar feature that you can access by swiping to the right from your home screen.

The Edge can become a ticker tape of information when the main screen is off, helping you conserve battery and of course, the night clock functionality which helps clear your bedside table and gives you a sliver of a screen with the time glowing softly 

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Camera

Staggeringly good, the camera on the Samsung S6 Edge+ is further complimented by the display that lets you see in crystal clarity what you are shooting, leading to an incredibly, almost cinematic experience. 


The f1.9 aperture does a good job of making sure that irrespective of where you shoot, there will be plenty of detailing and light in all of them. There are also a huge number of options available when it comes to features, from filters to HDR mode to ISO fixing. Whether it is a selfie, a wide shot or a GIF, the incredible amount of detail beggars belief. Although still 16-MP strong, it punches far above its weight and emerges victorious.


What's the difference between S6 Edge and S6 Edge+

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Not too much has changed with this super-specced, super AMOLED screened superb S6 range of phones. Samsung have just made it longer and bigger making this one of the best phablets you can buy right now. It might get over-shadowed by its own stable-mate, the Galaxy Note 5 next year, but until then, this is king.


They have the same displays, the same resolution and the same incredible camera that wowed us when we reviewed the Galaxy S6. The Edge+ is made from stronger aluminium, making bend-gate a non-issue but is otherwise just a bigger version of the S6 Edge. where it actually differes is in the size of the RAM, 4GB over 3, and the fact that Edge+ has LTE cat.9 over .6 of the S6 Edge and being about 20 grams heavier and obviously longer. 

Which one you opt for depends on your taste in phones, your budget and of course, how much of a head turner you want it to be. Irrespective of which one you choose, you are bound to get a very similar and very premium experience from using them.

Samsung S6 Edge+: Verdict

The S6 range has stunning displays and the curved edges give them the kind of kerb appeal other phones can only dream of. After Samsung slashed the prices of the Edge+, you can pick one up for less than the S6 Edge even though the absence of the 128GB model on the Edge+ is baffling. If you work on the go and watch a lot of moving images on tap, this phone is perfect for you, just remember to stop by at the payday lender's on your way to buy one.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Specifications 

Price: £629 (32GB) and £719 (64GB)

Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop

Weight: 153 g

Size: 154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9 mm 

Display: 5.7-inches; Quad HD, Super AMOLED

Resolution: 2560 x 1440 (518 ppi)

Processor: Exynos 7420 (64-bit, 14nm) Octa core (2.1GHz Quad + 1.5GHz Quad)


Camera: 15MP and 5MP, f1.9

Storage: 32/64GB 

Memory via microSD: None

Battery: 3000mAH (non-removable)

Misc: Wireless fast charging, Payments via NFC, Fingerprint sensor

(The review sample of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ in Platinum Gold was supplied by Three UK)