Samsung D900 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

The Samsung D900 is beautifully designed and feels great to handle for such a slim handset. Its shiny black front and matt black back really look the part. However, the solid base of the phone does impede the slide action.


A three-megapixel camera with auto focus puts the Samsung D900 in the camphone elite. The music player plays the usual track types, and a microSD card slot offers storage space. Bluetooth connectivity, quad-band and Samsung's own vivid messaging make up the list.

Ease of Use

The slide action could be better - you don't want to be cancelling incoming calls by mistake. The camera, camcorder and music player are all straightforward, although the more complicated settings may take some time to learn.


Pictures come out really well from the Samsung D900's high-resolution camera, and the 262,000-colour screen shows these and camcorder clips off to fine effect.

Battery Life

The Samsung D900 offers a reasonable talktime of 390 minutes, although the standby time of 260 isn't quite so good.

 Samsung D900 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:49:00 PM


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Look and feel


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Ease of use


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Battery life


A great looking, beautifully designed and built phone with top-notch features.


Techies looking for the top spec will be miffed it's not a 3G phone.

The Samsung D900 is a rare example of a phone that looks better in the flesh than it does in photos. Samsung has been promoting the handset as the 'world's slimmest slider' and its specification is great, despite the obvious lack of 3G.

Slider phone

The Samsung D900 may look a little like a steamrollered version of the classic Samsung D600, but it is superior in pretty much every department. It's beautifully designed and feels great to handle for such a slim handset. Our only niggle with the design concerns the solid base of the phone, which slightly impedes the sliding action. You open it by pushing on the control pad, which may lead to rejecting the odd incoming call while you are attempting to open the phone.

Backlit menu

The Samsung D900 offers has a central joypad flanked by four basic operational keys, which works very efficiently.
Slide the keypad open and you'll find the menu options strikingly displayed on a smart black backdrop, and each menu icon is given a different coloured glowing backlight as you hover over it. It's a clever design gimmick, but it all adds to the illusion that you're handling a premium device.

Three-megapixel camera


The device also works smoothly in camcorder mode. Simply press '1' on the keypad while in camera mode and you're free to begin recording, using the keypad to add or remove effects.
The length of your video clips will depend on the available memory. As well as the 70MB of user memory, you can expand your memory with a microSD card.

MP3 music player

Music storage is another consideration when deciding on the size of your microSD card. Being a classy phone, the D900 carries a decent music player capable of storing and playing tracks in MP3, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC formats. Sound quality is pretty clear, and there are a few novelty gimmicks including an equaliser offering different music beats (jazz, rock, classic), plus a 3D sound option, which is an effect similar to surround sound on your stereo speakers.

Vivid messaging

We wouldn't ordinarily include messaging in a review, but the Samsung D900 offers something called vivid messaging. When sending a message, the phone will pick up certain words and replace them with symbols. It's a bit hit and miss. For example, it added symbols for beer, book and dog, but offered nothing when we asked for horse, dinner, woman, and duck. It's also worth noting that the recipient of the vivid message will have to own an Ultra Edition phone in order to enjoy your creative text.
The Samsung D900 is simply one of this year's best phones. There may be others that just have the edge for music and photography, and there's no 3G, but it's a handset we feel very happy using on a daily basis.