Orange SPV E610 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

It’s not very attractive, the screen seems a little squeezed and the colour scheme is not very original.

Ease of Use

The QWERTY keyboard is relatively comfortable and quick to use.


It lacks GPS, 3G, and Wi-Fi, and only has a two-megapixel camera, so don’t expect a cutting-edge device.


With no 3G, internet access is on the slow side, but performance wise there were no problems

Battery Life

The battery life is fairly good, and with no Wi-Fi or 3G, you should be able to work for a couple of days between charges.


 Orange SPV E610 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:52:14 PM


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Look and feel


out of 5

Ease of use


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out of 5

Battery life


A good keyboard and a solid performance.


Windows Mobile 5.0 is behind the times.

The SPV E610 is a middle-of-the-road handset, and this is clear when you look at its specifications.

There is no Wi-Fi on board, but there is Bluetooth should you want to exchange data with another phone. The built-in memory is poor, with just 128MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM. So, you will be able to install third-party software, but not do much more after that. The camera has a flash, but it is only two megapixels, making it average in smartphone terms. 

Most disappointing in terms of specifications is that the SPV E610 runs Windows Mobile 5.0. That puts it a whole generation behind the Windows Mobile 6.0 that is currently doing the rounds.


Orange SPV E610 - Good keyboard

The E610 may not have a touch-screen, but it does have a decent QWERTY keyboard. The keys are tall, thin lozenges, which are angled away from an imaginary line running down the centre of the device.

This gives the E610 a distinctive look, and perhaps more importantly does seem to help with speedy typing. We aren’t suggesting you’ll turn into a mega-words-a-minute typist, but we did find this keyboard easier to use than some.

Orange SPV E610 - Squeezed screen

Despite the great keyboard, the E610’s screen is squeezed into an area that measures 2.5 inches across the diagonal corners.

It is actually on a par with other Windows Mobile smartphones that have miniature QWERTY keyboards, but it looks squeezed because it is given so little space in what is actually quite a large device.

The reason for the lack of space is the large area given to shortcut buttons. The navigation button is also pretty big, and around it are Call and End keys, soft menu keys and Windows Mobile Home and Back buttons, which are each given a generous amount of space.


Orange SPV E610 - The verdict

If you are looking for a pay-as-you-go option on a Windows Mobile smartphone, and you don’t need a cutting-edge device, then the SPV E610 might suit you. This is especially the case if you are into mobile email.

However, you might want to consider some of the SIM-free options available. Sure, you’ll probably have to pay more cash up-front for the device, but you are much more likely to get a better set of specifications and the latest version of Windows Mobile.