Nokia E66 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

This is a slinky slider available in either grey or silver


Ease of Use

The screen is large and the front buttons are easy to get to grips with



There are two home screens – ideal for when you need to switch from work to leisure mode and back again



The screen is sometimes a little slow to refresh, such as when using the accelerometer to flip the screen, but it is not a real irritant


Battery Life

Battery life could be better. You’ll thrash it if you keep using the built-in Wi-Fi or HSDPA

 Nokia E66 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:53:39 PM


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Look and feel


out of 5

Ease of use


out of 5



out of 5

Battery life


Impressive hardware design, lots of memory, and twin home screens.


If you are a keen user of email you will miss a mini QWERTY keyboard.

Like the E71, the Nokia E66 has two home screens. This isn’t as odd as it sounds. If your needs at work are different to your needs at home, why not have two home screens and set one up for each aspect of your life?

You quickly switch between them using an icon on the application shortcuts bar.

As befits a phone used for both work and leisure, the overall design is not flashy. The slate grey model used as our review sample is matched by a more silvery version.

This is a slider phone and the mechanism is very smooth. Its build quality is generally good and the metal backplate adds a sense of quality.


Nokia E66 - Easy to use

The E66 is not designed for heavy mobile email use. There is no mini QWERTY keyboard hiding under the slide. Instead, a number pad comprises of large keys that are easy to hit accurately.

The screen is relatively large at 2.4 inches across diagonal corners and displays 16 million colours.

The E66 also has an accelerometer. Turn the phone round in your hand and the screen flips between landscape and portrait orientations, which is especially useful for web browsing or viewing photos.

We also really like the fact that you can silence an incoming call by flipping the phone face down on the table.

Nokia E66 - Plenty of features

Nokia has not stinted when it comes to cramming features into the E66. The device includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HSDPA data speeds, a front-facing camera for video calling, an FM radio, more than 100MB of internal memory and a 2GB card in the microSD card slot. This sits on the right side of the casing under the battery cover. GPS is also built in and Nokia Maps is pre-installed. You can buy point-to-point navigation for a fee on a monthly basis or for longer.

The E66 comes with a protective pouch that has an unusual slide-in design. It works quite well and, importantly, does not add a huge amount to the bulk or weight of the phone.

It isn’t all sweetness and light, though. For example the headset connector is a 2.5mm type and is inconveniently located on the left edge of the casing rather than at the top or bottom.


Nokia E66 - The verdict

It is very hard not to like the E66; however, if you are a keen emailer, you’ll probably prefer a mini QWERTY keyboard. There is a great deal going on here – and all housed within stylish, beautifully constructed hardware.