Nokia E60 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

The Nokia E60 is a smart, silver-coated candybar phone. It's a touch longer than your basic mobile to accommodates a larger than average display and a roomy keypad, but is comfortable to hold and to carry.


The Nokia E60 is business all the way. So there's no music player of camera, but you get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a host of email services, voice activation, expandable memory, a 16-million-colour screen and security features.

Ease of Use

The E60 has the famous Nokia usability, but it is all designed to make life easier. Once you are set up, email and voice activation a easy-peasy. A large keyboard makes for speedy text input, and the side-mounted jog-wheel lets you speed between programmes without a second thought.


Connectivity is super-fast over Wi-Fi, and that screen looks brilliant when you read web pages and email attachments.

Battery Life

The Nokia E60 offers 384 minutes' talktime and 288 hours standby, plenty to ensure you don't have to keep recharging.

 Nokia E60 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:48:16 PM


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Look and feel


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Ease of use


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Battery life


A smartphone with heaps of business functionality. It's very compact for such a powerful handset.


The lack of a QWERTY keypad makes it a less versatile emailer than the E61.

Nokia's Eseries of 3G smartphones eschews consumer-friendly fripperies like multi-megapixel cameras in favour of the business functionality and connectivity.
The Nokia E60 is a powerful proposition with 3G and Wi-Fi. It is a smart, silver-coated candybar phone, a touch longer than your basic mobile, but accommodates a larger than average display and a roomy keypad, which does make it easier to tap in those long email messages.

Expandable memory

The flanks of the relatively slim E60 are lavishly finished in black and silver and house useful features like the volume keys, voice record keys, infrared port and an expandable memory slot. It comes with a 64MB RS-MMC card to bolster the 64MB of internal memory.
The 16-million-colour display is the best currently available on the mobile market. It's a shame that there's no camera, because this screen would really do pictures justice, but all applications look razor sharp and it's great for viewing email attachments and surfing the web

Mobile email

Email is a killer application on the Nokia E60, as with all of the Eseries devices. The E60 supports ISP accounts from the likes of Tiscali and BT, plus third-party email clients such as BlackBerry Connect, Visto email technology and Seven Always On Mail.
It also supports Intellisync Wireless Email, a mobile application that pushes email, meeting requests, calendar updates and other requests through to your phone. It means that all your emails, drafts, deletions and attachments are synchronised with the email server, be it Exchange, Domino, IMAP or POP3.
Thanks to attachment support, the Nokia E60 lets you view a range of attachments, and an attachment editor and viewer supports the most common features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as Zip Manager and Adobe Reader.
Other office-based applications include contacts and calendar with a week view and a notepad.


The Nokia E60 offers a host of voice-based functions, including voice-activated dialling, a user interface which offers voice feedback and a loudspeaker for conference calls. A dedicated voice key on the side of the phone enables voice recording, voice dialling and Push-To-Talk, and you can even lock the phone or make a nifty menu shortcut with a handsfree voice command.
The Nokia E60 provides numerous means of connection to PCs and other technology via infrared, Bluetooth, USB (supported by Pop-Port and even Wi-Fi. In fact, Wi-Fi connections can be shared by multiple applications at the same time and it's possible to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and infrared at the same time. If you're able to hook up with a wireless hotspot while out and about you'll be privy to faster download speeds than 3G, offering a more seamless experience.

Phone security

The E60 also keeps your personal info safe. There's a remote device lock, device wipe and it's compatible with add-on security options such as Nokia Mobile VPN, Symantec Firewall and Anti-Virus and Pointsec Data Protection.
If you're looking for a mobile phone-orientated business handset but don't want the feature roster compromised, then the Nokia E60 should be at the top of your shopping list.