Nokia 6120 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

The Nokia 6120 is a classic-style Nokia monoblock. It's compact without being flimsy, with a metallic trim to give it a premium edge. A nicely sized keypad and high-quality screen grace the front.


The Nokia 6120 features the high-speed HSDPA connection for fast web-browsing. The is also email support, a Symbian Series 60 OS, Quad-band, a two-megapixel camera, an MP3 music player and expandable memory.

Ease of Use

The Nokia 6120 is incredibly easy to use and handle. The keypad and navigation D-pad are a good size and lucid to operate. Symbian is easy enough to get along with, and the Settings Wizard takes all the work out of configuration.The 16-million-colour display is bright and crisp, and HSDPA makes for good, quick web access. Photos are as good as you would expect from a two-megapixel camera, although the flash can be uneven. If you boost the sound, music sounds dynamic through the supplied headphones.


The Nokia 6120 has 190 minutes of talktime, which isn't as much as we would expect. Plenty of mid-range phones can offer much more than that.

 Nokia 6120 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:48:57 PM


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Look and feel


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Battery life


It's refreshing to see a Symbian Series 60 OS and HSDPA download speeds in a mid-range handset.


The camera lacks auto-focus and macro for close-ups, while the LED flash is quite crude.

Nokia's 6000-series handsets have a reputation for being functional and user friendly. They have proved successful, and Nokia is marketing new models as Classics. The latest is the Nokia 6120, a classic, compact Nokia monoblock with clean lines. It's pumped up with express HSDPA download speeds and a Symbian Series 60 operating system, marking its status as a mid-range smartphone.

QVGA screen

The Nokia 6120 is incredibly easy to use and handle. It's compact but not flimsy, with a metallic trim to give it a premium edge. The keypad is nicely sized and lucid to operate with the navigation D-pad sporting ridges for better thumb grip. The QVGA, 16-million-colour display is bright and crisp for web browsing and viewing your snaps and videos.
The Symbian Series 60 operating system is highly adaptable, customisable and privy to a host of third-party software. It includes the genius Setting Wizard app that takes all the work out of configuring your network, MMS, internet, streaming and email settings.


The Nokia 6120 is fitted with HSDPA, which is five times faster than 3G. You'll notice web pages loading faster and you can navigate around the full HTML internet via Nokia's Mini Map technique. Essentially, this is a semi-transparent zoomed-out view of the area you're reading, shadowed by a complete view of the whole web page as it's originally designed. It does make mobile web browsing easier. The 6120 also handles non-push-style emails and attachments.
A two-megapixel snapper without auto-focus graces the rear, and there is the welcome addition of a flash. It captures in a 1600x1200-pixel resolution and for a two-megapixel cam, the quality is decent enough. The flash isn't as slick as some and in low-level lighting, illumination is even. However, the 6120 does sport the Panoman photography app, that lets you take panoramic shots by scanning the scenery as you turn around in a circle, seamlessly knitting the separate shots together. It works well, although the picture resolution does suffer the more scenery you take in.
The Nokia 6120 makes QVGA video recordings in a slicker 30fps and you'll be surprised at how smooth the footage can be, although it's still not judder free.

MP3 music player

The built-in music player is also polished, letting you sort your library into tracks, artists, albums, genre, composer and playlists. You can also enhance and adapt the sounds. The fidelity was dynamic through the supplied headphones, especially with the bass boost activated. Alongside the 45MB of internal memory, a hot-swappable microSD card slot can handle memory cards of up to 2GB.
Nokia is currently on a hot streak with its mid-range phones, but the 6120 takes the mid-range to new heights with its Symbian Series 60 and HSDPA features.
The Nokia 6120 is a pocket dynamo smartphone that deserves to be a big hit.