Motorola Verve Ones+ in-depth review - Not quite a leap

Motorola's or should we say Binatone's VerveOne+ earbuds are the ultimate earphones for commuters, no wires, no tangles, no mess. But that just stays on paper as during our review we found that these deliver more on paper than in reality.

 Motorola Verve Ones+ Review - Not quite a leap

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,7/8/2016 1:53:35 PM


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Look and feel


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Ease of use


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Battery life


Bluetooth connection faultless | charging case | several ear size options available


Sound keeps fading out of the right ear | Major lag when streaming shows

- By Sunetra Chakravarti

Ever come across tech that you love the sound of? The VerveOnes+ were exactly that variety for me. As soon as I read the press release, I knew these wer going to be great- afterall, aren't the cables and massive size of over-ear cups the bane of headphones?

And the VerveOne+ get rid of just that...

Binatone purchased the licence from Motorola to manufacture these earpods that come in a handy little case that also charge them whilst keeping them safe in your bag. You also get a series of different ear attachments so you get the perfect fit and they don't pop off your ears.

To set them up, just power up Bluetooth on your phone and connect to the headphones. Pop them into your ears and a melifluous voice will take you through the set up which is very easy. 

It is actually the left earpod that's connected to the phone nd the right just borrows off the left. And herein lies the rub.

During my time using the pods, I was very impressed with the quality of sound from them and how easy it was to get them up and running even when you are being squished on a packed commuter train. 

However, the sound kept fading out of the right earpod irrespective of how close the phone was to them. The fadeout would last only a few seconds but if you are listening to a nice song and more importantly trying to tune out the surrounding cacophony. 

No amount of adjusting them worked and I faced this issue atleast 4-5 times within the space of 30 minutes. And this wasn't even the biggest gripe I have with these pods.

Try watching downloaded programs on your phone either via BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime Video and it is almost impossible to do so. The lag between moving images and the sound is so massive that it renders almost every video useless. So difficult was it for me to watch not just downloaded programs but also streaming media on Netflix that I had to reach into my bag for my standard issue wired headphones. 


The Motorola VerveOne+ cost upwards of £199 and if I am paying that amount, I would expect a really good sound quality and clarity. Not just that, I would expect uninterrupted sound and a coherent listening experience. I did get good quality of audio playback but the interruptions and lags were so great that it completely ruined the whole experience.

This, in my opinion, is such an unpardonable issue that I will not bore you with details on battery life or availability. 

These earpods sound great on paper and I had really high hopes for them- but not only do they not deliver, they miss the target by miles.

You are better off with the AKG Y50 BT headphones which although wired, cost £150 and deliver a pin-sharp listening experince.