MWG Atom Life in-depth review -

Look and Feel

Small in size and with a professional-looking black and silver casing.

Ease of Use

The navigation button incorporates music playback and the volume controls, and there is a dedicated hardware button to launch the Windows Media Player.


A 3G device with video calling, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, an FM radio and 1GB of built in memory. In short, it has some decent multimedia features for a Windows Mobile device.


The fast processer keeps things zipping along nicely, and it's reasonably responsive device.

Battery Life

Battery life is average. If you are a keen Wi-Fi user or a fan of 3G downloading you may need to factor in daily charging.

 MWG Atom Life Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:51:24 PM


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Look and feel


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Ease of use


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Battery life


The multimedia-specific keys are a rarity on Windows Mobile devices, as is the 1GB of built-in memory.


The battery life could be better.

You may not have come across MWG before, but the company has several Windows Mobile devices lined up for launch over the coming months, and the Atom Life is the first to hit Choice Towers


What is immediately notable about the Atom Life when you look at its specifications is the 1GB of built-in memory. We've seen Windows Mobile smartphones with a generous internal memory allocation before, and 1GB is not going to unduly impress fans of the likes of Nokia's N95 8GB, but 1GB of memory built into a Windows Mobile device is not to be
sniffed at.


You can also supplement the memory with a miniSD card.
This format has gone by the wayside of late in favour of the tiny microSD cards, but there's no reason why this would be a problem as miniSD cards are available easily enough.

Music maestro

In fact, the generous built-in memory is ideal for storing music as well as data. If you fancy using the Atom as a music player, then you may be interested to know that there is an equaliser built-in. The controls on the navigation pad on the front of the device manage music playback and volume, and there's also a quick-launch button for the Windows Media Player.

More good news for audiophiles is that there is an FM radio built-in, which will auto-scan the spectrum and tune itself in to 18 channels. You can also record the radio at a preset time for a pre-configured length of time, if you so desire.

However, the headset connector on the device is 2.5mm rather than 3.5mm, so you'll have to use the provided headset if you want to listen to the radio, as this contains the antenna.

Connectivity and camera

With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G built-in, you have plenty of connectivity options. The 3G runs to HSDPA for fast data downloads for functions like email and web browsing, and there is a front-facing camera for video calling.


The main camera shoots stills at up to two megapixels, which is fast becoming the entry level for any mobile phone these days. At least it has a macro mode, self-portrait mirror and flash to raise it from what would otherwise be a mediocre specification.


During testing we found the battery life to be pretty average. You may well find you thrash it to within an inch of its life as you mix and match Wi-Fi, music, radio, 3G data usage like video calling and web browsing, as well as ordinary smartphone stuff like mobile email and simply checking your diary. Oh, and voice calls, of course.