HTC S710 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

The HTC S710 is far from small, but for a device with a large screen and QWERTY keypad, it is surprisingly compact. It is well built, with a rear soft paint finish and metallic trim. The sizeable keys and navigation pad are rubberised for a tactile and responsive effect.


The HTC S710 features a large screen, which can be viewed in landscape mode, a slide-down QWERTY keypad, Wi-Fi and EDGE (although no 3G), Windows 6.0 OS, support for push-email, Microsoft office, a camera dna an MP3 music player.

Ease of Use

The HTC S710 may have a small QWERTY keypad, but the keys are not fiddly. The phone keys are nicely rubberised too. The Windows OS is pleasingly familiar, and HTC's Audio Manager makes trawling through your mobile music library a breeze.


The HTC S710 is a good performer, with fast web downloads over a Wi-Fi connection and pleasurable reading on the landscape screen. The OS and email work very well and shouldn't tax newcomers. Pictures come out as well despite the lack of flash, and music sounds good over the supplied headphones.

Battery Life

The HTC S710 offers a very welcome 420 of talktime, which should mean you can make the most of the business and multimedia functions without worrying about running out of fuel.

 HTC S710 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:49:06 PM


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Look and feel


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Ease of use


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Battery life


Its blend of compact phone stylings and QWERTY goodness are the handset's greatest assets.


Including 3G connectivity would have elevated its status even higher.

When you buy a smartphone there will always be a compromise - a small handset will mean sacrificing features like a large screen and QWERTY keypad; to have them means a phone of PDA-like proportions.
Well the HTC S710 bridges that gap. This Windows-powered handset looks like a normal, if rotund, phone but has managed to cram a full sliding QWERTY keyboard into the mix. It's not quite the finished article, but it is still a killer combination.

Compact smartphone

Taking the popular Orange SPV C600 as a benchmark, the HTC S710 appears more squat and a tad wider, but is amazingly, give or take a millimetre, the same thickness. Considering the inclusion of a keyboard, that is pretty impressive. The S710 is 35g heavier, but it's still portable enough.
The S710 is well built, with a rear soft paint finish and metallic trim. The sizeable keys and navigation pad are rubberised for a tactile and responsive effect. A hot-swappable microSD card slot is conveniently located on the side.

QWERTY keyboard

The sliding QWERTY keyboard has a spring-assisted action and skates open nicely. It's far from spacious, but the keys are not fiddly. For simply texting, the normal keypad will suffice, although the QWERTY is on hand for extensive email writing.
The HTC S710 is powered by the new Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard Edition OS, although it is not much different to the previous 5.0 version. Usability tweaks include improved email management, such as Fetch Mail and Set Flags, enabling Out-of-Office assistant, being able to click on website links embedded in emails, plus new email shortcuts and slicker email search features. Other refinements include an at-a-glance Calendar bar. Otherwise it is business as usual with Direct Push email support and synchronisation with your Outlook's contacts, calendar appointments, tasks and notes. The embedded Microsoft Pocket Office also means you can easily create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the go and view PDFs with Adobe Reader software.


The HTC S710's 2.4-inch screen is about half an inch larger than standard phone displays and ample for browsing the web. You can view the web pages in landscape orientation (the screen also automatically switches when you use the QWERTY keyboard) and the built-in Wi-Fi adds high-speed spice to mobile surfing. When Wi-Fi is not an option, the S710 has brisk EDGE connectivity speeds to fall back on, although the lack of 3G support is disappointing.

MP3 and camera

For playing music on your S710, HTC 's Audio Manager application is new, as is A2DP Stereo Bluetooth support. Audio Manager neatly sorts your music files for easy access and opens the tracks in the Windows Media Player. Storage is handled by the 64MB of internal memory, which can be boosted by microSD cards up to 2GB. The music player sounds pretty decent through the supplied headphones.
A two-megapixel camera lens graces the back of the phone; it shoots photos in a maximum resolution of 1200x1600 pixels and MPEG4 video in a negligible 176x144-pixel resolution. You receive all the standard features, effects and filters including self-timer, white balance and special picture effects. The 2.4-inch screen acts as a great viewfinder and, while there's no flash, picture quality is respectable enough for a two-megapixel shutterbug.
The HTC S710 is the closest we have come to a successful combination of a phone and Pocket PC in such a compact form. It carries little more weight than we had hoped and is missing 3G, but we reckon the S710 is already in the running for Smartphone of the Year.