E-Ten Glofiish X610 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

Neat, minimalist black casing which feels comfortable to hold in the hand


Ease of Use


The tappable and swipeable screen offer plenty of ways to get to your favourite applications easily




No 3G and a shortage of memory hamper the specifications list




We didn’t notice any performance problems during testing


Battery Life


Battery life is reasonable but if you are a keen user of Wi-Fi you might find you need to charge daily

 E-Ten Glofiish X610 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:53:30 PM


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out of 5

Look and feel


out of 5

Ease of use


out of 5



out of 5

Battery life


The device is small and neat, and has GPS and Wi-Fi.


It lacks 3G, is short on memory, and is expensive.

While the Glofiish X610 is small and sleek and has some nice touches, it is decidedly lacking when it comes to specifications.


E-Ten Glofiish X610 - not all bad


The X610’s black casing is pleasant enough to look at and the flat arrangement of buttons beneath the screen is minimalist yet functional.

There is a navigation D-pad, call and end buttons and two extra buttons. One of the buttons starts up the built-in GPS antenna and gives you a quick latitude and longitude fix via the built-in GPS viewer software. The other takes you to a handy shortcuts area. A 3x3 grid pops up on screen, allowing you to populate each cell with either an application or a contact. This is useful, although more than nine shortcuts would have been better.


E-Ten Glofiish X610 - disappointing specifications


Do not expect the X610 to have a top-notch set of specifications. There is Wi-Fi and a two-megapixel camera, but the device is short on built-in memory. We are more used to seeing 256MB of ROM as opposed to the X610’s 128MB, and you will probably need to resort to a microSD card if you want to store music or other data.


There is no 3G, which will disappoint anyone interested in fast web use and other data-rich activities. Fortunately, E-TEN rescues the situation a little by including both an FM radio and GPS. These are standard features for E-TEN these days, and it is always handy to have them.


E-Ten Glofiish X610 - sweep and swipe


The Glofiish X610 incorporates E-TEN’s new interface, a reworking of third-party application SPB Mobile Shell. This gives you a buffer zone before breaking into Windows Mobile’s own look and feel, and helps E-TEN rival HTC with its TouchFLO system.

There is a choice of three screens to flick between, accessible either via a menu button at the bottom of the display or by sweeping your finger horizontally across the screen.

One screen displays the date, a monthly calendar, the weather status and messaging information.A second screen provides a host of shortcuts to applications, and a third focuses on shortcuts to your contacts. If you add this to the shortcuts that are accessed via the hardware button, the handset is easy to navigate.


E-Ten Glofiish X610 - the verdict


The Glofiish X610 is a less well-specified smartphone than many we have seen recently. It performed well during testing but you may want to shop around for something with 3G support and more internal memory.