E-Ten Glofiish M810 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

The M810 has an enamelled look to the front fascia, and is one chunky smartphone.

Ease of Use

The flat QWERTY keyboard is disappointing for typing.


As usual E-TEN crams this smartphone with features, including HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a GPS antenna, which are augmented by an FM radio and lots of useful software.


The M810 has a good overall performance but is let down by the flat keyboard.

Battery Life

The device has a strong battery life, although once you turn on all the comms options, you'll run it down more quickly than you might expect.

 E-Ten Glofiish M810 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:52:42 PM


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Look and feel


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Ease of use


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Battery life


The M810 is packed with useful features on both the hardware and software fronts.


The large and heavy keyboard is an acquired taste.

E-Ten Glofiish M810 - Look and feel

Even for a Windows Mobile device with a sliding keyboard, the Glofiish M810 is a bit hefty. It weighs in at 179g, and when carrying it around in a pocket you are going to notice it. The overall size means that it won't slot into every pocket either.

The grey and silver casing isn't exactly surprising on paper, but the look of the M810 is rather different from the norm. The finish of the front fascia gives it a distinctive enamelled appearance.

E-Ten Glofiish M810 - Tap those keys

Just like its M800 predecessor, the M810 has a sliding QWERTY keyboard. This pops out of the left long edge, and when slid out the screen pushes itself into wide orientation. You are now ready for SMS texting, email or the use of the built-in copy of Word Mobile or Excel Mobile.


The keyboard is not made up of physical keys but instead has a flat pressure pad with individual keys marked out by blue framing. The framing is backlit and looks great in darker conditions. However, we found that the flat keys were slower to use than normal, which made us hanker for a keyboard made up of physical keys.

E-Ten Glofiish M810 - Features

When it comes to high-end Windows Mobile Smartphone features nothing is really missing. The M810 is a 3G handset with HSDPA support, there is a camera on the front fascia for two-way video calling, and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are built in. There is also a GPS antenna, and an FM radio. If there is something missing from the M810 it's the fact the device runs Windows Mobile 6.0 rather than the newer 6.1.

E-Ten Glofiish M810 - Business card to contacts 

E-TEN likes to add extra software to its smartphones, and there is certainly plenty here to play with. If you gather a lot of business cards then you may like the software that uses the two-megapixel camera to turn them into contacts without you having to type a thing.


You can also send your GPS position as an SMS message thanks to another built-in application. There is also a back up utility, a graphics-based replacement for the Today screen, and streaming media player.

E-Ten Glofiish M810 - Verdict

If you liked the idea of the M800 but didn't like its touch-sensitive front controls or mini joystick, then the M810 is your saviour. With a range of capabilities, this device is an impressive, but chunky, smartphone for the person that wants everything.