E-Ten Glofiish M800 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

Slightly bulky in the hand, but then what do you expect when a sliding keyboard is integrated? The all round silver and grey design is not groundbreaking, but it is pleasant enough.


Ease of Use

E-TEN has made a classic error. The shortcut buttons beneath the screen are touch sensitive, and there’s no tactile feedback when you hit one. This makes finding the button you want a rather chancy business, and is unforgivable given what a smashing device the Glofiish M800 is otherwise.



There are more features here than you can shake a stick at. HSDPA, two way video calling, GPS, FM radio, Wi-Fi, some rather nice software add ons, and the really useful sliding keyboard. Oh, and there is a high resolution screen too.



The hard to hit touch sensitive buttons really dragged performance down as we made too many mistakes while working with the device to remain cool, calm and collected.


Battery Life

Average is the word that springs to mind when trying to describe battery performance. We’ve seen better, we’ve seen worse.


 E-Ten Glofiish M800 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:51:50 PM


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Look and feel


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Ease of use


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out of 5

Battery life


Plenty of features, including a good qwerty keyboard.


Dreadful touch sensitive front buttons.

Here at Mobile Choice, we’ve grown rather attached to E-TEN’s oddly named Glofiish range. We like the features that it manages to cram into the devices, and we like the neat designs they sport.

However, E-TEN’s latest edition to the range – the Glofiish M800 – has failed to impress us on the hardware side, and it is a shame, because on the feature front this smartphone ticks all the boxes.


High res, high spec

One of the standout features on the M800 is the 640x480-pixel screen, which is a rarity on Windows Mobile devices. This displays webpages with much more clarity than, say, the more common 320x240-pixel screens.


The Glofiish has a top-notch feature set to be proud of, including built in HSDPA, Wi-Fi, and GPS and an FM radio and microSD slot for expanding the 64MB of SDRAM memory built-in


Typing, typing

Those interested in mobile email, or who want something a little larger than the Windows Mobile on-screen tappable keyboard, will find the built-in QWERTY keyboard just the ticket.


This slides out from the left long edge, and as you expose it, the screen pushes itself into wide format ready for you to hold the Glofiish M800 in both hands


The flat keys aren’t as fast to work with as the more rounded keys of HTC’s TyTN II, but still we found them easy to click, and the subtle backlight works well in duller lighting conditions.


The little things

E-TEN delights in providing lots of extras in terms of software, and these can help mark out one smartphone from the rest. The device comes with a Today screen plug-in that can give you the weather and access to photo speed contacts, a utility for sending your GPS location by SMS, and another utility that uses the main camera as a business card scanner, importing the contact into your Windows Mobile Contacts.


Then there is the call filter, which lets you set up, block and allow lists from your contacts, and a replacement for the Windows Mobile Speed Dial utility that lets you see contacts in blocks of 10. Individually these are relatively small applications, but collectively, they do add a lot of value.


Lacking the final touch

Taking all the good features into account, the touch-sensitive buttons on the front of the device are an irritation. They are easy to mis-hit and we were always checking if we had actually tapped the one we wanted to. These are an unfortunate addition to an otherwise very usable and attractive smartphone.