Doro 8030 in-depth review - A worthy companion

According to OFCOM’s research report last year, smartphone ownership in the 55-64 age group has doubled since 2012 with the figure resting at around 50% in August 2015. And when it comes to bespoke phones for silver surfers, Doro are the market leaders. With a slew of feature phones behind them, the 8030 is their latest smartphone to hit the market

 Doro 8030 Review - A worthy companion

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,3/22/2016 3:07:33 PM


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out of 5

Look and feel


out of 5

Ease of use


out of 5



out of 5

Battery life


Custom features for the elderly | assistance button | loud ring | charging dock | can act as a speakerphone


Doesn’t pack the most upto date software | type pad still tiny | laggy processor

- By Sunetra Chakravarti

Ideally it should have been someone in the age group that the phone is meant for reviewing the device, but owing to a really tight magazine schedule, it is me doing the honours for now. Once you are past the google email setup, the bespoke Doro layer over Android really sparkles.

Doro 8030: Look and feel

The Doro 8030 has a plastic body with three physical keys on the phone face. ‘Recent’, ‘Home’ and ‘Return’ keys have a good amount of give and are big enough for those with limited mobility to use without much problem.

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Additionally, there is an assistance button at the back of the phone and the power button along with the volume buttons are on the left-hand side. There is a camera shutter button on the right and you are able to charge the phone either via a microUSB charger on the right or via a charging cradle that the phone is sold with.

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Doro 8030: Senior-friendly features

I will not waste time on discussing how this phone will fare if you are into gaming because this phone is simply not built for that end.

I will, instead, discuss the features it sports that will help the elderly or those who need additional care to use it as their smartphone of choice.

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Assistance button

There is a button on the back of the phone, just below the camera lens that can be used to ring pre-programmed phone numbers. And you get a choice of either a phonetical or a custom message to go out to the phone number of your choice. So whether it is to check-in with a relative that you have returned home ok or to make a distress phone call if the owner has an accident. The possibilities are endless.

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Customised homepage

The homepage has three massive icons- call/view/send. Click on the call button and you get four options: to ring a number, a contact, a recent contact or even your voicemail.

Doro have taken the usual Android icons we are so familiar with and created a miss-mash of options that will be easy to comprehend for users not very familiar with smartphones. Click ‘view’ and you get options like: my messages, my call log, my pictures and videos right down to my location and the weather forecast.

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Connect and care feature

A step up from the assistance button, the app creates an ecosystem of carers around a vulnerable person or an elderly relative. So if one of them realises that a carer is required at short notice, the pool of friends/relatives can be contacted asap.

Customised apps

All apps from Android have been taken over and right from the camera app to how you save files or listen to audio recordings have been pared down make it very intuitive for the user and even though there is still some way for it to be perfect, Doro are on the right track with it.

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Doro 8030: Verdict

The 8030 is another feather in the cap for Doro who have made it a mission to make smartphones better, more intuitive and easier to use for those who have never used one or are not catered for but he likes of Sony/Samsung/LG. Although there is a lot to improve upon with the processor speed and pure specs, it will be a worthy companion to those who find themselves alone in their twilight years.

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Doro 8030 specifications


Dimensions 137 x 71 x 10.1mm

Display 4.5" 854 x 480p

Camera: 5MP Video recording mp4 720p, 480p, MMS (176x144)

Storage: 8GB

Weight: 142g

Battery: 2,000 mAh 

Storage: MicroSD 32GB

Processor: Qualcom MSM8909 Bluetooth 4.0

SIM type: Micro SIM

OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop

Bands: 3G, LTE, GSM

In the box: Headset, charging cable, USB cable,