British Gas Hive 2 in-depth review - Smart inside & out

British Gas launched their smart thermostat last year- Hive has been very popular with those who would rather adjust the heating from their smartphone than at source. I have been using it for almost a year now and have nothing but good things to say about it. So when I was sent through their extended smart home kit to test out -I was intrigued.

 British Gas Hive 2 Review - Smart inside & out

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,7/15/2016 8:48:53 AM


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- By Sunetra Chakravarti

I don’t have a smart coffee maker, no smart skillet or smart tracker on my pet. The only smart thing in my house is the Hive thermostat that I really enjoy using because of its ease of use and the level of control and flexibility it gives me- to keep a lid on spiralling heating costs.

For me, a connected product needs to do a bit more than be a novelty or a talking point in my home, it either needs to make life a lot smoother/ save me money or do something that is worth the effort and the price. Because, let us not kid ourselves- smart devices cost a lot more than their dumb counterparts.

I was sent three products alongside the Hive Hub, an £80 device that needs to be connected to your wireless router for you to be able to control them via the app on your phone.

The Hive Active Plug costs £39 and works a bit like your holiday ones- you must know the ones I mean- with the dial at the top that you adjust so it goes on and off at pre-decided times. Setup couldn't be easier and if you already have a Hive Hub at home then it is just a question of plugging it in and checking the app on your phone to set it up and control it.

The app/website works on a regular laptop/desktop/tablet or phone and you are able to configure and control all the products that you set up via the Hive Hub from there.

There was also the window/door sensor- two very slim bits of plastic that need to be stuck to a frame and a window/door and communicate via a wireless contact sensor. Priced at £29, it can also be used for internal doors or drawers to make sure your flatmate has not been rifling with your stuff while you have been away.

The biggest falling down point of these not terribly overpriced products is that you will need to invest in the Hive Hub which is £80.

I was also sent through the motion sensors which are able to detect human movement using a wireless passive infra-red (PIR) motion sensor. Every time it detects some form of motion, the motion sensor sends through a notification on your phone.

In conclusion, I loved using all the products. They worked seamlessly once installed and because I already had the Hive Hub installed alongside my Hive thermostat, setting up the rest of the products was a breeze. Not sure how much I will use the Smart Plug, except when I go away for holidays or as a prank but the motion sensor and the door sensor have been great. I would highly recommend then both!