Asus Transformer Book Chi T100 in-depth review - A commuter’s best friend

 Asus Transformer Book Chi T100 Review - A commuter’s best friend

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,8/14/2015 4:51:43 PM


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Look and feel


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Ease of use


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Battery life


Good battery | Premium looks | Running full version of Windows


Trackpad shaky | RAM insufficient | Keyboard needs to be charged separately

- By Sunetra Chakravarti

Asus revolutionised the tablet/laptop hybrid device area with their transformer range. Solidly built, keenly priced and running Windows, they have become a go-to machine for those working off-site and spending time on the road but still needing to check in regularly at work.

Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi: Look and feel

The tablet and the Bluetooth keyboard it comes with are robust and this comes across in its size and build. Even the magnets that keep the two attached look seriously industrial.  

The keyboard is just a smaller version of a full sized one and packs all the keys and features that we have come to associate with those on laptops. The size of the keys are not drastically small, and they have a very good return when using MS Word.

Our review sample was a midnight blue with a blade of chrome running along the edges giving it a very distinguished look. When you whip out this £299 hybrid device on the train, you will make your fellow commuters wonder if this wasn't priced around the £1000 mark owing to the full-metal body on the 10.1” tablet.

It is however, intensely difficult to open the tablet up, there is no lip around the edges which led to a ruined manicure! 

Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi: Display, resolution and size

The tablet has a 1920 x 1200 screen which is perfectly acceptable when it comes to viewing streaming media on the go. 

Although not at the top of display pecking orders, videos and images look sharp and there is no pixellated text anywhere.



Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi: Stylus and Keyboard

The keyboard doesnt look like a sleeve or a superfluous add-on like the one on the Microsoft Surface devices. Here, it echoes the look and feel of the tablet and when closed, the T100 looks exactly like a laptop. However, even though it looks seamless, the keyboard is far lighter than the tablet part of the device and is hence top-heavy. Touch the tablet inadvertently, and you might cause it to keel over.

The trackpad needs some work to it as it can be erratic but apart from the numeral keys, it is a full sized keyboard. I had no problems when I was using it and the keys have a good amount of spacing between them as well as good spring when you are typing in a rush.

Powered by a AAA battery, the stylus gives pressure levels of 256. I loved using the stylus on the drawing apps that come prepackaged with the tablet and even though it wasnt awe-inspiring, I was quite happy with the way it worked given that I paid nowt for it. 


Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi: Performance and software



Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi: Hardware

For a tablet this price, you will obviously not be able to play high specced games and this came across during the time we spent with it. The Intel Atom Z3775 processor, a quad-core 1.46HGz CPU number isn't the fastest and best in Intel’s repertoire, and even though it comes with 2GB RAM, it would simply keel over if pushed beyond streaming and casual gaming.

The battery lasted for around seven hours and we think having the keyboard on Bluetooth sapped it of juice sooner than it would have done without it. There is no USB connector but a microUSB type 3 connector apart from the usual microUSB slot for charging.

 As for the speakers, they didn't sound terribly great but we seldom listen to tablets without headphones so I guess this is another little niggle that can be overlooked. And less said about the cameras the better. At 5MP and 2MP each, they are fine for video calls etc but not much else.

Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi: Verdict

This is not a stand alone device- it will not take you from home to commuter train to work to meetings and then back. Well, it might but then you would have stabbed yourself in the eye with a rusty screwdriver somewhere along your commute. Buy this device if you don't fancy lugging your laptop to work but still need to finish those spread sheets before 9:30am on a Monday morning. 

This a a great device to compliment your existing device. Exactly like how an iPad is used. 

Attached, detatched, tented or flipped, the T100 is a great device to have along with you for quickly sorting out work. Not just as your only device.

Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi: Specifications

Processor: Intel® Bay Trail-T Quad Core Z3775 1.46 GHz ~ 2.39 GHz Processor

Operating System: Windows 8.1

Display: 10.1” 

Resolution: Full HD (1920x1200) LED Backlight Glare panel 

Storage: 64GB

Card Reader: card reader (Micro SDXC )

Camera: Front 2 MP and Rear 5 MP 

Networking: Integrated 802.11 a/g/n
Built-in Bluetooth™ V4.0 

Audio: Built-in Speakers And Array Microphone
Battery: 30 Whrs

265 x 174.5 x 7.2 mm 

Dock: (Mobile Dock)
265 x 174.5 x 13.2 ~14.8 mm (WxDxH) 

Weight of tablet: 0.57 kg (with Polymer Battery)
0.51 kg