Acer Liquid M220 in-depth review - First window to the world

 Acer Liquid M220 Review - First window to the world

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,9/14/2015 11:52:40 AM


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Look and feel


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Cheap | Free Windows 10 upgrade


Low memory | low RAM | underpowered camera

Launched at Mobile World Congress in March this year, the Liquid M220 had crowds of journalists queuing up to write hands-on reviews. That’s because it is one of the few phones not manufactured by Microsoft to rock a Windows OS

Acer Liquid M220: Look and feel

A very basic first-time phone for those on a limited budget (the Liquid M220 costs £55) who will use the phone for very little except calls and texts.

The Liquid M220 has a really pretty textured plastic back cover that is patterned to mimic the feel of cloth. And it sort of manages to do that.


The edges are a sort of plastic punk-y style studded in silvery grey. Overall, it isn't a bad look to have, and without the presence of much glass and definitely no metal on the outside of the phone, it is impossible to drop. 

Acer Liquid M220: Screen

I tried to watch a YouTube video and was left squinting at the tiny dark screen. it is a 4-inch WVGA display and boasts 233 pixels per inch. Fat bezels sit on the top and bottom of the phone but hold it in a landscape position and you will come off worse because you will be covering the only speakers on the phone which sit at the front top.

Acer Liquid M220: Processor, OS and storage

The phone runs on a Snapdragon 200 processor and I was continually reminded of my Sony Ericsson W700i I had back in 2005. Slow, laggy and stuttery, it isn't much of a surprise because a very low-powered 1.2GHz dual-core processor is complemented by 512MB of RAM. I don't think I have reviewed a phone with lower specs than this one.

Windows 8.1 comes as standard and the biggest plus of having this phone is the free upgrade to Windows 10 when the time arrives. Elsewhere it is just the usual, set up a Microsoft account and off you go. However, a note of caution here, I wouldn't download too many apps or games. The Liquid M220 comes with 4GB internal memory and the operating system takes up more than 50 percent of it. However, you can increase the memory to 32GB via the microSD card slot. 

Acer Liquid M220: Battery

The removable battery packs 1300mAH and even though it sounds minuscule, it should take this non-HD 4-inch screened phone through a full day of texting and phone calls. 

Acer Liquid M220: Camera

The primary camera is a 5-MP one and it managed to take some fuzzy pictures in good light conditions. There are obviously no features available other than the ability to crop photos and auto-tune them. 

The selfie camera took some incredibly dark and fuzzy shots and I would leave it well alone if I had bought this phone.

Acer Liquid M220: Verdict

I understand the the phone costs the same as a weekly grocery shop for a family of four but I would not recommend it for anyone. There are more than a billion people in the world who have a Facebook account and everyone takes pictures on their phone. Th Liquid M220 might allow you to browse your timeline but it will struggle when it comes to uploading your (hazy) photos there. You are better off taking yourself to CEX and buying a second-hand Motorola Moto G or even an iPhone 4 for £95. And if it is a Windows phone you truly want, a Microsoft 535 with 8GB internal storage will set you back by £78. 

Just step away from this phone.