3 Velocity 10 in-depth review -

Look and Feel

The look is both familiar and distinctive, and the latter is helped by the white round trackball placed beneath the screen

Ease of Use

We like the customisable shortcuts


Plenty of smartphone features on board


The sweep and swipe interface is perhaps a little slow to react, but this is not a deal-breaker

Battery Life

Battery life doesn’t break any records and if you are an avid GPS or Wi-Fi fan it could be an issue.


 3 Velocity 10 Review -

Review by Sunetra Chakravati,12/12/2011 3:53:43 PM


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Look and feel


out of 5

Ease of use


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out of 5

Battery life


The device has tidy looks, a touch-enabled interface, and has an attractive price.


The camera is basic and it only has a 2.5mm headset jack.

The Velocity 103’s two most notable features are Odyssey

and VOTA.

Odyssey is the graphical user interface that sits on top of Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. It seems as though everyone wants to add a little to Windows Mobile these days in order to make it more swanky.

In this case, the additionis minimalist but effective, and the

main screen has the date and weather forecast.

Sweep a finger up from the bottom of the screen and four shortcuts pop up. These can take you to your most popular applications. Sweep upwards again and the screen fills with more icons. If you want one of these on the ‘bar of four’, simply drag it.

The Windows Mobile Start button is continually available so you can switch into it if necessary. It is all much more low-key than the HTC’s TouchFLO but no less efficient for that, though the multimedia elements, like accessing photos and music, are missing.

Meanwhile, VOTA is an over-the-air updating service which can be set to update its software automatically. This means you should always have the latest versions of everything on board.


Velocity 103 - Minimalist

The general look and feel of the Velocity 103 is minimalist. There are just call and end buttons on the front fascia alongside a small white trackpad for D-Pad-type movement. This is a little too recessed for our taste, but it has a distinctive look.

The on/off button is a slider that doubles up as a handy device lock, which can often be seen on Windows Mobile devices.


Velocity 103 - Specifications  

The Velocity 103 is up there with the top rankers in terms of specifications. It offers HSDPA data speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. There is also a video calling camera and a two-megapixel camera; however, it lacks auto-focus and a flash. There is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a GPS antenna.

A microSD card slot is available for you to build on the installed memory. We really liked the 640x480 pixel screen, which is relatively large (2.8 inches), clear and sharp. Web browsing was fine, though one notable absence is an accelerometer. If you want to turn the screen into wide format you need to resort to good old-fashioned manual screen flipping.


Velocity 103 - The verdict

The Velocity 103’s loudspeaker was quiet on our review sample but we understand that will be fixed, and the Odyssey software seemed to run slowly but is liveable. Some might find the visuals a little staid, but we are quite impressed with the lack of bling.