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Mobile Choice was founded in 1996 to help educate, inform and entertain everyday readers and consumers with jargon-free in-depth reviews, views and news about mobile devices.

The magazine is published four times each year with two digital issues for subscribers.

Each issue comes with a Buying Guide of over 150 phones, as well as an archive of past mobile phone reviews.

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  1. Guest
    Guest6th Dec 2016

    Is there any general problem with the microphone of the new iPhone7? I just got one for several hundred pounds and the sound quality when phoning some...

  2. Guest
    Guest13th Oct 2016

    Where are the photos from the awards night 2016?

  3. Guest
    Guest19th May 2016

    Hi, was going to write to ask advice, but noticed the guest comment on the HTC ONE A9. Because of my Location (Isle of Tiree) I am basically stuck wi...

  4. Guest
    Guest18th Nov 2015

    Just read your review of the HTC One A9. Good job. Just one thing I believe was left out: As the first Marshmallow phone with an SD slot, it's the ...

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