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eXchange tablet jacket

1 eXchange tablet jacket

Superbly versatile and available in styles to suit any taste, each style is available in sizes to fit the iPad Mini and iPad Air 2.


2 Drop


Increase confidence in the kitchen with this connected kitchen scale and interactive recipe app. Find the perfect recipe using the app with inclusions from Good Housekeeping and Food52.

Moochies Kids Watch

3 Moochies Kids Watch

Worn exactly like a watch and coming in four colours (black, orange, pink and blue), a Moochie is a durable phone and watch combination, allowing two-way communication between parents and children.

Misfit Shine 2 Fitness and Sleep Monitor

4 Misfit Shine 2 Fitness and Sleep Monitor


It tracks activity and sleep more accurately with a 3-axis accelerometer and newly added 3-axis magnetometer.

Ztylus Camera Kit for iPhone 6

5 Ztylus Camera Kit for iPhone 6


This cutting-edge design seamlessly incorporates the Ztylus smartphone case and the Revolver Lens Attachment into a symphony of innovation and form. With a flip of your wrist, you’re able to change lenses at will, enhancing the camera on your smartphone

Ricoh Theta

6 Ricoh Theta


Capture the entire 360° space with a single shot. Use a PC or smartphone to have fun with the space! This is a new world that revolutionizes conventional photos and videos. Experience the excitement of capturing images that exceed the concept of "photographing."

Sennheiser Orpheus HE1060

7 Sennheiser Orpheus HE1060

For the true audiophile who has everything in the world, only the best will do...


Now TV HD Box

8 Now TV HD Box

Catch the biggest movies, TV shows and sport with the NOW TV passes and they are available without a contract.

Watch your favourite shows on BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5 and can add over 50 awesome apps including YouTube, Spotify, Vevo and Facebook. 

Libratone ZIPP Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Portable Wireless Speaker with Internet Radio and Speakerphone

9 Libratone ZIPP Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Portable Wireless Speaker with Internet Radio and Speakerphone

John Lewis

The Libratone ZIPP is a portable wireless speaker which can make music wherever you venture. It can even deliver a flexible multiroom listening experience in the home which suits the ever evolving lifestyle. With an abundance of features packed in to its compact and customisable design, the speaker will play your music, your way.

 Speck SeeThru Case for MacBook

10 Speck SeeThru Case for MacBook

John Lewis

Speck’s SeeThru range of cases offer sleek and slim protection for your Macbook. Lightweight and stylish, Speck’s cases enhance the original design while allowing you to add your own stamp with a choice of colour.

The snap-on, two piece case comes in a variety of colours including clear, grey, matte black, pink and blue to name a few and are available to buy in various sizes ranging from 11 to 15 inches.

Tiggly Maths and Tiggly Shapes

11 Tiggly Maths and Tiggly Shapes


Tiggly Maths focuses on developing basic mathematical skills for children aged 3 – 7 years old, while Tiggly Shapes is aimed at children 2 – 5 years old for shape recognition, creativity and fine motor skills development.

Both come with 3 apps each and cut-out toys for your child to place on your tablet screen as they interact with the fun and colourful games to solve simple problems. Tiggly games are available to download in 10 languages, and there’s an additional 2 apps available to purchase separately for Tiggly Shapes.

A felt pouch is also included per purchase for safe transport and storage of the toys.

Kidz Gear

12 Kidz Gear

John Lewis

Ensure your kids ears are protected while they watch the latest Pixar movie in the back seat of the car with this children-friendly pair of headphones. Kidz Gear with its custom fit ear-cups and adjustable headband, is designed for children 2 years plus and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Kidz Gear headphones utilise KidzControl Volume Limit Technology which delivers a reduced but high quality sound and has a built-in volume remote/mic for apple audio device control.

Red Flasko Bluetooth Portable Speaker

13 Red Flasko Bluetooth Portable Speaker


Splashproof and extra rugged the Flasko is perfect for camping, hiking, gardens, music festivals and for kids prone to breaking things! Not only can Flasko withstand the rain and any knocks and bumps that may come its way, it packs a serious punch sound wise with a crisp base sound. Equipped with a carry clip and bottle opener, the Flasko is designed for those that love to be outdoors, making it the perfect companion to enhance your music sharing moments.

Doro Liberto 820 Mini

14 Doro Liberto 820 Mini


Packed with support features like a built-in coach and My Doro Manager, this pocket-friendly, big-hearted smartphone is perfect for first-time users. It can be remotely managed by someone you trust, and the Assistance button offers extra security. With Doro Liberto 820 Mini it's easy to access your main contacts and functions right from the home screen. And when placed in the charging cradle, watch your pictures come to life in a smile-inducing slideshow.

iPhone 5/5S Basic Bitch Case

15 iPhone 5/5S Basic Bitch Case


Make a serious statement with the newest addition to the golden family. Taking style notes from the latest trends, this case doesn’t only look great, it offers premium protection against bumps and drops.

Hive Active Heating

16 Hive Active Heating

It is a new industrially designed thermostat by design entrepreneur Yves Béhar. It features market-leading usability and an intuitive LED display with an on-screen guide.

MICHAEL KORS Jet Set Travel Large Smartphone Wristlet

17 MICHAEL KORS Jet Set Travel Large Smartphone Wristlet


When style comes calling, seize it. This wristlet features a feminine, extra-slim shape, contoured to perfectly fit your cell phone. In colour-rich Saffiano leather, it makes a chic statement every time you take a call.

PNY T2600 Portable USB Battery Charger

18 PNY T2600 Portable USB Battery Charger

PC World

This uniquely stylish pink pocket-sized power pack, a tiny bit bigger than a lip-gloss, can give your phone an extra whole charge each time, perfect for those who simply cannot be without their phone.

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