Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2016: The retailers who made the cut!

Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2016: The retailers who made the cut!

The Mobile Choice Consumer Awards were finally announced today and many retailers emerged as the best in their categories- be it offering the best online, high street or in-store services or being the best all-rounders.

Here's a list of all the retailers who emerged winners in the hard-fought contest for Mobile Choice Consumer Awards.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse emerged as the best High Street retailer at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. The well-known high street retailer has it all when it comes to boasting presence across the country as well as stocking inventories of the latest and the best phones and tablets.

The retailer offers a wide range of devices and service providers, whether customers are shopping online or in store. The pinpoint system which the retailer prides itself on has continued to pay dividends by communicating to customers the benefits of buying from an independent retail chain. There is nowhere else on the high street where a customer can examine what the best deal for them is with such ease and simplicity. emerged as the Best Online Retailer of the year yet again which proves how trusted and customer-friendly they are when it comes to offering phones and services online to customers with wide-ranging needs. The fact that are part of the Carphone Warehouse group gives them that extra boost needed to compete effectively in the business by offering the best pricing plans and services.


Three won the award for the Best In Store Customer Experience for the fourth year in a row. Their  dominance in this category owes to the design of their stores, the friendly and knowledgeable staff and how their stores have become community hubs over the years. Three have been among the most popular networks for a while now and the secret behind their success is how they manage to combine their attractive offerings with brilliant customer services and consumer-friendly upgrading options.


EE has won the Best Network of the Year for the fourth year in a row which implies that the public still views the network as the best in offering all-round services, be it Pay Monthly deals, network coverage and speeds or customer service. EE has started rolling out the latest LTE Cat 9 technology to 500 sites across the UK and if it succeeds, EE customers will be able to download content at speeds in excess of 360 Mbps by next year.

EE has also embarked on an ambitious plan of offering super fast 4G coverage to 99.8 per cent of the population in the next four years, aside from on-shoring 100 per cent of service calls by the end of the year.
EE's new 4G expansion plan will now be based on geographical coverage than on population densities. This way, people living in sparsely populated regions as well as distant towns and villages will be able to access 4G speeds just like their acquaintances in major cities do now. In the process, EE will also increase its 4G reach from the current 60 per cent of the country's land mass to up to 95 per cent by 2020.


O2 has bagged the Best Customer Care award at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, excelling in a category which is close to the heart of Ofcom and is probably the most important tool to keep customers happy and to retain them. O2's customer care executives are among the best when it comes to product knowledge and tips and going by the number of votes that the general public and our readers have conferred on them, it is safe to state that O2's customer care team is presently the best in the country.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media beat the likes of Giff Gaff, BT Mobile, iD and Tesco Mobile to emerge as the Best Value Network of the year for the second year in a row. The range of fantastic deals offered by Virgin Media both in-store and online ensured their victory.

Offering a breadth of handsets with SIM-Only plans starting at as little as £5/month, the value network knows how to throw tasty treats the way of their customers. Flexible rolling 30-day contracts mean that canny customers don’t feel tied down and free to choose if a better deals if one comes up.