EE wins Best Network at Mobile Choice Awards

EE wins Best Network at Mobile Choice Awards

Winner- EE

They not only topped pretty much every network performance test in the market this year they were also able to offer customers exclusives that no-one else had, including BT Sport and an extended trial of Apple music. From a customer service perspective the brand also brought a number of its call centres back to the UK.   

Winning for the third year in a row, EE continued to offer customers 4G coverage in more places than anyone else. When it wasn’t converting more customers onto its super-fast mobile service it was rolling out 4G coverage across the country.

EE also endeared itself to our survey respondents by introducing new and exciting services for its customers throughout the year including several white labelled devices that it managed to package into delectable deals for its customers

Our survey respondents said that they liked the fact that EE’s coverage was more comprehensive than its rivals and votes were cast based on EE’s commitment to filling in those pesky coverage blackspots.                    


Another steadily successful year for O2 who maintained strong customer numbers in the face of a market where revenues are declining in the handset space.      


Tesco Mobile

A strong portfolio of high profile devices and a clear sense of who a Tesco Mobile customer is meant the UK’s largest virtual network maintained its strong showing            


Three continued to lead the way in the areas it always has, on challenging its rivals with what’s best for the consumer and being the number one brand for roaming.                

Virgin Media    

We love them for being the only retailer that tells customers how much they are paying for each tariff by telling them the price of the minutes/texts/data and the handset.

They will also give you a discount if you are a Virgin broadband customer and have recently started raning exclusive pocket-friendly brands to capture both the top and bottom range of the market.      


Vodafone’s efforts to improve its network and give its customers access to a broad range of exciting content really shone out.