O2 wins Best Customer Care at Mobile Choice Awards

O2 wins Best Customer Care at Mobile Choice Awards

Winner- O2

O2 as a network is known for taking good care of its customers, from the ever popular O2 rewards through to its Refresh handset programme. The network has continued to innovate around its strongest areas offering a great range of trade in and second hand offers. Whilst it continues to put its customers first when it comes to experiences and offers


A major improvement has occurred at Three in regards to customer service over the last few years, this year its satisfaction scores continued to rise as it shed the reputation for being just a cheap low quality network.

BT Mobile

BT’s family package established the brand as one of the markets new providers to watch. It made the most of its WiFi network and its sports rights to give the customer more.


Bringing jobs back to the UK helped to rehabilitate the EE business which had understandably taken a  hit in the wake of the Power bar scandal. With particular concern for its customers safety the network was the only one to carry out additional testing on Samsung’s exploding Note7 devices.

Tesco Mobile

With one of the most interesting, friendly and approachable brand twitter accounts, all customers are guaranteed to find answers with a twist of humour. Their catalogue of perks is robust and with some of the best deals on handsets, they have very quickly found favour with their shoppers.

Virgin Media

It was quality not quantity as Virgin continued to make the right noises and improve their customer care proposition.


 Vodafone made the right noises about sorting out its customer service, the brand has committed serious amounts of money to ensure that it fixes its billing issues. The biggest, most solid and arguably most well known brand has some of the most well known freebies associated with their plans. Customers get three months unlimited UK data when they start their contracts, with a range of benefits that have become so synonymous with Vodafone that most can reel them off by rote