Envirofone win Best Recycling Service at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2016

Envirofone win Best Recycling Service at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2016

Did you know that mobile phones can actually work for more than 6 years but most of us give them up for the ghost after 2? And more bafflingly, almost 30 percent of us still don’t know we could actually earn money by handing in our old phones to be recycled…

We all know we have more than one old handset knocking around at the back of a cupboard and by this account, there are 6.86 billion phones languishing in our cupboards.

Recycling is a great way of improving your environmentally-friendly credentials as well as line your pockets and our award recognises the best in business and those that give you a very good deal.

Winner- Envirofone

A safe, secure and watertight website is key and Envirofone has this sorted with an SSL certified website so all payment details and phone details are kept away from the reach of prying eyes. 

With over 4 million customers and a free 6-month warranty, Envirofone not just accept damaged phones but you will get bespoke quotes for damaged phones, and free Special Delivery if you are selling a gadget for over £250. They also send you a special rigid package to post your phone free to them.

Mazuma Mobile

We have all seen the cute little robot around, putting in a good word for this prize-winning recycling service. You obviously get the quoted prize, but they also guarantee same day payment and no middlemen who will cut into the amount you receive for your phone. For those customers who aren't tech-savvy, they offer a step by step guide to removing personal information from your phone and they have a 9.8/10 review rating off more than 100k customers on Trustpilot. With all that in mind It was obvious that Mobile Choice readers would ballot in favour of them to win!

Music Magpie

With a 96 percent Feefo rating, you are in safe hands with Music Magpie. They pay you the same day they recieve your items and promise to pay the same amount as quoted. Not just smartphones, they also take all electronic items, obviously CDs, DVDs and games and you have the option of either sending your items by free courier or free post. And did we tell you about the free app?

O2 Recycle

Go on the website, search for your product, sell and then send. O2 will pay you as a credit on your bill/ in Amazon vouchers/ cash into your account within 5 working days. There is no hassle associated with the process as you receive the phone back for free if you decide not to go through with it and you have the additional peace of mind that a known high street brand is helping you recycle.