Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge wins Phone of the Year at Mobile Choice Awards

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge wins Phone of the Year at Mobile Choice Awards

The biggest award of them all is reserved for the best product from the mobile world in the past year and it is a crown to be worn with pride with a side of attitude.

The Phone of the Year award, every year has gone to a device we remember not just for being the best in class but also for bringing something different into the mix.

The winner was lauded by thousands of our readers for not just packing an incredible performance but also being utterly gorgeous.

This year, the competition has been incredibly tough because all the shortlisted devices brought great innovation and style to the mix. But we have a clear winner….

Winner- Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

“All the niggles from the S6 edge have been ironed out and the S7 edge is now bigger- with more space to show off that seamlessly beautiful curved screen along side the waterproofing and expandable memory. Samsung have made sure this phone oozes kerb appeal and sophistication…”

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stands head and shoulders above the crowd because of what it stands for, provides and means.

Unique with sloping sides, all metal body and an incredibly high 534ppi, the Quad HD Super AMOLED and the 2560X1440 resolution is the best in the industry. Media guzzling is a joy on this curvy beauty and both sound and visuals are so immersive that you will find it difficult to go back to a more linear phone after using this.

This is what some of our readers had to say about it:

Great stylish design. Love the side screen and the around performance of the Samsung galaxy s6 edge

It's the device I chose after much deliberation. Took a lot for me to change after 6 years of HTC devices.

Slick design, faster and smoother to use

Excellent camera, quick operations, extremely reliable


Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a return to form factor for Apple. Packing the might of the iPhone 6S, it has the body of the iPhone 5...making it a petite beauty like no other.

Trust Apple to do something that goes against the grain of the industry and still kill it in terms of sales. While every manufacturer is making phones that are more tablet-sized, Apple went retro with the iPhone SE and is a masterstroke for them to go into the upper mid-range handset market which is quite directionless and get a new generation of users to convert.

It is an amazing phone which packs all that's important and worthy in the iPhone 6S into a smaller albeit retro style while still maintaining its premium looks, all at a price-point that will wow many users.

HTC 10

Design of the phone is top class looks beautiful and performs like a champ!

HTC did not mess about with the handset they simply called 10- they gave it a unibody metal design with beautiful build quality, upscaled high-res audio capabilities, great camera and best in class processor. And boy, does it shine!

The 10 is the best phone HTC has ever made. The smarts don’t end with the odd feature being cranked up… they have been interlinked in a way that is truly amazing. For example: the camera can capture high-res audio while recording 4K video! The quad-HD resolution is great and the 564 pixel per inch is one of the best.


If you are one of those people who love the zaniest, whackiest piece of tech and call yourself an 'early adopter', then the G5 is for you.

A 4GB RAM onboard is complemented with the best of Qualcomm's processors right now: the Snapdragon 820.  The phone is an absolute workhorse and will confidently handle everything you throw at it.

The real party trick of the G5 camera is the wide-angle lens. Perfect for capturing sweeping vistas and group pictures, the difference in images captured on the regular lens and this one is quite staggering.


Sony Xperia XA

A bezel-free display in a petite form factor, the XA ticks a lot of boxes for the ultimate geek. Packing Sony’s Bravia display engine- the same as on your telly, it also has a fantastic camera and at a price that is bound to win it many fans.