Hive Active Heating wins Connected Gadget of the Year at Mobile Choice Awards

Hive Active Heating wins Connected Gadget of the Year at Mobile Choice Awards

While we have had accessories for smartphones from the minute the first smartphone was launched, there has been a rise in the number of gadgets that work alongside smartphones to guarantee a seamless performance. Whether it is via Bluetooth, NFC, QI conduction or simply magnets, it is hard to ignore them given the solid performance they guarantee us via our phones. IoT is not just a futuristic acronym anymore, but an actual way for us to interact with all our gadgets- usually using the mobile phone as a remote control. Who woulda thunk it!

Winner- Hive Active Heating

Stunningly designed by Yves Behar and incredibly intuitive to setup and use, hundreds of thousands of customers have welcomed it into their homes...

One of the most popular Internet of things gadgets, Hive has just gotten better with its second version. Controlled by a thermostat that’s almost a design classic by none other than Yves Béhar, Hive Active Heating has become one of the most accessible and easy to use and setup gadgets for consumers.

With the re-design, Hive unveiled an entire ecosystem of products all created with a focus on giving people control of their home anytime, anywhere.

The best connected gadget each year isn’t just one that has had the most R&D, but also one that has been created with a focus on the consumer and Hive Active Heating is exactly that.

Kindle Oasis

The best e-reader money can buy, Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is for the discerning book addict. Lighter, thinner and an amped up battery, including one in its case, the Oasis is a premium product like no other. More caviar than fish ‘n’ chips, this e-reader is one worth saving for.

DJI Phantom 4

Eye-wateringly expensive and yet totally worth it, the Phantom 4 has been called leader of the pack and rightfully so. It can lock onto a subject and track it over a distance while recording 4k video, it can check for hazards and makes sure you don’t manage to crash it into a wall/obstacles. Fly it with the tap of a finger and for upto almost 30 minutes at about 44m/hour… That’s a lot of flying!

GoPro Hero 4

True to its name, this action cam is an absolute hero. Stronger, better, faster and with more smarts, Hero 4 is the ultimate accessory for the extreme sport fanatic. 4K capture and the ability to share seamlessly over wi-fi and Bluetooth further seal its spot.

Netatmo Welcome

Keep an eye on your front door whether you are home or not. Get notifications on your smartwatch/smartphone to say who’s come back home thanks to the facial recognition system on the Welcome. Your videos can be seamlessly uploaded to an FTP/dropbox or stored on the SD card that the device comes with. Not just this, anytime an alarm goes off in your home, Welcome will send you a notification and record a video of what’s going on… Nifty, eh?

Hasselblad True Zoom Moto mod

Mobile photography x10 is how Lenovo describe it, we would just call it mobile photography on steroids. A Xenon flash with 10x optical zoom and RAW format for true camera connoisseurs are just some of the reasons to get your mitts around this Moto mod.

The Moto Z got the award for the most innovative device and it is because of well thought out, incredible modular accessories like the Hasselblad that the phone stands head and shoulders above the rest.