Samsung win Manufacturer of the year at Mobile Choice Awards

Samsung win Manufacturer of the year at Mobile Choice Awards

The most coveted title for any manufacturer is when they are chosen to go up on stage to receive the gong for doing the most to just just push their flagship product but their whole brand forward. And if the award is one which is in its 16th year and has thousands of consumers voting for it, the win is sweeter.

The Manufacturer of the Year title goes to that company that has performed at the top-most level and upped the game endlessly for its competitors to catch up on.

Manufacturer of the year is not just one to rest on its laurels but to innovate, experiment and reinvent endlessly to bring seamless, intuitive technology to the maximum number of people with the minimum fuss.

And the winner is...


From smartphones to wearables to virtual reality to headphones… there are very few areas within the mobile industry that Samsung have not touched and won at.

Their dogged determination to get to the top of the popularity chart has seen them tirelessly innovate, improve and enhance their products to such an extent that they now shine at the top of the pecking order.

Samsung’s SmartThings brings all their innovation together in the connected gadget sphere and they haven’t just innovated and improved their flagships - they provided the mid-to-low tiers of the market with something to shout about with the A and J series of phones and tablet and once again showed that it was possible for a perfunctory gadget like a phone to be super-stunning too.

They have won this award for their relentless commitment to the pursuit of excellence.



From revolutionising the smartphone industry to ushering in impressive and sometimes mind-boggling changes, Apple have always marched forth into territories that other manufacturers have gone gently into.

Another very successful year with the iPhone 7 duo doing roaring business, their range of MacBooks being best in class and Apple Watch Series 2 receiving rave reviews from consumers and critics alike.

Apple cannot put a foot wrong- atleast this year.


It has taken just a few short years for Huawei to zoom to the top of the list of most successful smartphone manufacturers. And it has not been an easy one. However, this year they turned heads with their range… From the fantastic P9 and their collaboration with Leica which helped them nab the best camera phone award to the Windows-totting MateBook, the Huawei watch and the Mate series of phones.

Huawei manufactured the Nexus 6P to critical acclaim last fall and it looks like they cannot take a misstep this year!


They have now burst back into our shortlist of top smartphone manufacturers with their acquisition of Motorola. Many expected the fantastic Moto range to lost some of its lustre- but that hasn’t happened. What has actually happened is that the Moto G range is still top of its game with an expanded gamut of devices and the Moto flagship range has won Most Innovative Device at this year’s awards because of how well designed, thought out and research it is! Their range of smartwatches is still amongst the best for usability, affordability and range of customisations and they also launched the world’s first shatterproof phone with the Moto X Force.

Onwards and upwards for this manufacturer…


Toned down, but definitely still there and with smartphones that look, feel and perform as beautifully as you would expect from an industry stalworth, Sony are a force to be reckoned with.

Their smartphones are stuffed full of the best from the Japanese manufacturer- from Bravia engines from their telly range to the incredible camera sensors and groundbreaking tech to take pictures quicker than you say S-O-N-Y.