Oppo PM-3 wins Headphone of the Year at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards

Oppo PM-3 wins Headphone of the Year at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards

Today's headphones aren't just about music and comfort, but also about advanced noise cancellation, wireless performance, in-built microphone and music storage. With a large number of very competent headphones to choose from as the headphone of the year, we narrowed the list down to just four and let our readers decide which among them is the best.

Winner: Oppo PMR 3

Aside from classy looks, Oppo PM-3 headphones bring in advanced sound experience thanks to planar magnetic technology which is otherwise reserved for in-room music testing by audiophiles. Enter soft, thick pads, a flexible headband and a lightweight design which makes the headphones probably the best in the UK.

Sennheiser PXC 550

Sennheiser's PXC 550 headphones, aside from being lightweight and comfortable, offer phenomenal and well-balanced clarity and range of sound, supported by excellent noise cancellation. The CapTune companion app offers a great way for users to customise sounds and a range of other settings, apart from bring in an in-built music player. However, the pricing could be a concern given that Sennheiser offers many other good headphones at a lower price range.

Parrot Zik 3.0

Parrot's Zik 3 headphones feature not-so-attractive tortoise shell design and feel quite heavy on the head and the neck, but they more than compensate for these by offering extremely good audio experience. It features premium noise cancellation and the level of customisation offered by the companion app is brilliant as well. For someone who likes to tweak his/ her audio experience by adjusting frequencies, bass or other effects and doesn't need any outside noise to mar his/her audio experience, Parrot's ZIK 3 are the perfect headphones.


For their price, AKG Y50BT headphones offer unbeatable sound quality along with decent looks. While playing music genres like hip hop, rock and metal, the headphones are in their true form. Being lightweight, the headphones are ideal for on the go users but because of the blue paint which wears off and the cheap audio cable, it may not be as durable as its users would like it to be.