Three aims to streamline offerings with new customer rewards app

Three have launched their new Wintu app, offering customers a way to earn rewards and money-saving offers suited to their needs.

Wuntu will evolve slowly and will eventually offer rewards and content targeted and tailored to people’s interests.

Three have decided to streamline their customer rewards programmes and make them more user-friendly by launching a new app exclusively for their customers. Once downloaded by customers, Wuntu will start off with seven offers a week but the more it will understand customers, it will start offering an assortment of offers, rewards and content tailored to their needs.

Initial generic offers will pave the way for more targeted rewards and offerings, says Danny Dixon, Director of Digital Offers & Rewards at Three. The seven rewards a week programme is expected to draw in a major chunk of the network's customer base in the initial days before the app becomes more innovative and intuitive. Once it evolves, the app will offer rewards and offers on categories like Travel, Taste, Entertainment and Technology. This way, the app will cater to all kinds of customers with varying needs.

Three announces double data offer with Samsung Galaxy S7, A3, A5 and Huawei P9

"While at first the rewards it offers will be more generic, over time the mixture of offers, rewards and content will become increasingly catered to the users’ interests, the more they use it. It’s completely free to download for all Three customers, making it a real no-brainer for users to begin benefitting from immediately,” he added.

Three have partnered with the likes of Deliveroo and Amazon to offer top notch rewards to their customers. Among the initial offers is one that lets customers get the chance to win one of 10 five-night trips to New York City with The lineup of offers will change every Thursday, allowing customers to check the app for the latest rewards and offerings at least once every week.

Wuntu's launch is Three's latest salvo when it comes to offering more value to their customers. With 94% of Brits using smartphones, the mobile industry is at its competitive best and unless networks constantly offer new reasons for their customers to stick, the latter will quickly migrate to rivals who offer better deals and offers.

Three's embedded Wi-Fi to enable calls and texts in mobile not-spots

Earlier this month, Three started offering double data with their select SIM-only, 24 month smartphone and mobile broadband tariffs. The list of smartphones included in the offer were Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7, Huawei P10 and Huawei Mate 9.

If you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 from Three today, you can choose their £33 per month plan with £29 upfront. This will give you AYCE minutes and texts along with 4GB of data instead of 2GB. Similarly, the Huawei P9 with 4GB of data and AYCE minutes instead of 2GB will cost you £25 per month and £29 upfront. If you need more data, you can buy Three's £31 per month contract by paying £29 upfront and this will come with 8GB of data instead of 4GB and AYCE minutes. The offer is applicable till 23rd March.

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