Tesco Mobile's 'Family Perks' lets families save up to £120 a year

Tesco Mobile today announced its new Family Perks benefits, letting a family of five save up to £120 a year on their bill.

Families availing Tesco Mobile's Family Perks benefits can get up to 60GB of additional data or 12,000 Clubcard points a year.

Back in October of 2016, BT Mobile introduced its Family SIM plan, letting families of up to five members buy combined plans with individual data packs so that they could save a lot on money in the process. The network offered 2GB and 15GB plans as part of Family SIM offerings. This way, a family of five buying five 15GB a month Family SIMs could save £372 a year compared to the cost of five individual SIMs with 15GB of data allowance every month.

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Today, Tesco Mobile are offering a similar family saving plan which the network terms as Family Perks. Tesco Mobile are proposing that families who take up the offer will not only enjoy discounts on their monthly bills, but will also receive extra minutes, data and Clubcard points each month. A family of five can thus save a maximum of £120 a year on mobile charges and can also earn up to 12,000 Clubcard points or 60GB of additional data every year.

“Family Perks is a great way to manage the whole families’ mobile spend and reward our families for being on the network.  We’ve focused on rewarding loyalty with a simple and yet really useful bundle of Perks that our customers have told us will help with the household budgeting. Not only that but it makes life simpler for the person paying the bills and they can manage monthly spend by capping the spend on each contract,” says Anthony Vollmer, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Mobile.

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If a family of five chooses a Family Perks deal whereby they pay over £25 a month per SIM, they will be able to save up to £2 per SIM per month and receive up to 200 Clubcard points, extra 500 minutes, extra 500 Tesco Mobile minutes and 1GB of additional data every month. If the amount per SIM per month is between £10 - £25, then amount saved will be £1 per SIM per month and gain will be 100 Clubcard points, 250 extra minutes, extra 500 Tesco Mobile minutes and 500MB of data. Extra Tesco Mobile minutes can be used over and above available minutes to call other family members.

It remains to be seen how Tesco Mobile's Family Perks offer competes with BT Mobile's Family SIM plan in the long run and whether Tesco Mobile will be able to encourage large families to stick with it. The offer comes at a time when a number of MVNOs are offering dirt cheap deals and cornering their user bases amid huge investments by the four major operators, so the ultimate winner here will be the consumer who will be able to consume more data, minutes and texts while saving enough money for other commitments.

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