EU roaming subscriptions for accessing Netflix, NowTV may not apply to Brits

Popular video streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime will be available on roaming subscriptions in the EU soon, but British travellers may not benefit from it, thanks to Brexit.

The European Union's Digital Single Market plan may not include the UK so all rests on whether there will be a separate plan to let travellers avoid roaming costs.

Ban on EU roaming won't apply to Brits travelling abroad, says leaked Brexit document

With roaming charges in Europe are at present not very friendly as far as video streaming is concerned, things are poised for a major transformation as the European Union's Digital Single Market plan is set to take shape, allowing roaming subscriptions in the continent which will make streaming movies, games and shows quite affordable in the near future.

"People who have subscribed to their favorite series, music and sports events at home will be able to enjoy them when they travel in Europe. This is a new important step in breaking down barriers in the Digital Single Market," said Andrus Ansip, Brussels' digital vice-president. 

However, Britain voted to part from the union last summer and this may not bode well for British travellers as far as enjoying Netflix or Amazon Prime in Europe is concerned. Because of Brexit, Britons may not enjoy the roaming subscriptions offer in the continent for long, and it will be up to 10 Downing Street to seal a new deal with the European Union to ensure similar facilities for travelling Brits.

Apple App Store prices will rise by almost 25% following Brexit vote

A couple of days ago, leaked European Union documents suggested that 'roam like home' mobile charges won't apply to British travellers once Brexit takes effect in 2019. As such, British travellers will need to cough up roaming charges for making calls, sending texts or consuming internet data unlike their European cousins. Applicable rates for British travellers could be €0.05 per minute of calling, €0.02 per text and €0.05 per MB of internet data consumed, unless the EU and the British government agree to a fresh arrangement.

The leak throws a spanner in the works just when people were about to celebrate the complete abolition on roaming charges in Europe. Last week, a deal between network operators to use each others' networks for roaming services was provisionally approved by the European Parliament and was to be confirmed by the full European Parliament and EU member states for roaming charges to be abolished. Even if the European Parliament formally approves it, British citizens won't be able to profit from it because of Britain's impending exit from Europe in a couple of years from now.

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