Google Pixel 2: Specs, leaks, pricing and release date

The Google Pixel flagship phone, the first to veer away from the company's Nexus line, is only around four months old but that doesn't mean Google isn't working on a better and more powerful successor which it may release in October of this year.

Google Pixel 2 will have to compete with the likes of LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and more significantly, Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 flagships.

9to5Google has relied on a trusted source to claim that like the existing Google Pixel whose camera received a rating of 89% on image quality from DxO, the upcoming Pixel 2 flagship will feature major camera improvements, especially when it comes to low light photography. The site also reveals that while Google will retain the MP size, it will compensate for it through extra features.

Google says Pixel charging at 18W was a 'marketing mistake'

The camera stack in the existing Google Pixel feature 1.55micron pixels and HDR+ for clear and vivid pictures. There is zero shutter lag and you can keep capturing pictures using SmartBurst which helps you select the best, and the most sharp picture from the burst you might have clicked. Video stabilisation helps record stutter free videos so that you do not have to encounter the halo effect. However, Optical Image Stabilisation is lacking but Google compensated for it by introducing EIS for videos which improves shaky video by maintaining a consistent framing between multiple video frames.

"And despite lacking OIS, Pixel is still very strong in still low-light photos, beating other cameras that do have OIS modules. That's a testament to its world-class software algorithms, notably HDR+. And with software algorithms instead of OIS hardware, Pixel can get better and better over time. At the end of the day, Pixel takes some of the best low-light photos you'll find on any smartphone, even without OIS. And that's what really matters -- better pictures, not how Pixel does it," said a Google rep named IsaacOnCamera on Google's official product forum.

Pixel cameras lack OIS but Google doesn't want you to be worried

It remains to be seen what new features Google aims to introduce in its next Pixel flagship to make its cameras better and more responsive compared to the present ones, especially give that the present camera stack is among the best in the smartphone market.

The source also claims that while Google was once mulling with a MediaTek processor for the Pixel 2, the company is presently testing the device with Snapdragon 835X and Intel chips to bring out the best in performance. Along with the Pixel 2, Google may also launch a Pixel 2B phone on the lines of Nexus 5X and this phone may feature a lower price tag and less powerful hardware and may be sold in different markets. However, the report doesn't talk about a larger variant like the Pixel XL with a phablet-sized display and other spec upgrades.

A Pixel phone with IP53 rating is dropped on water. Guess what happens next?

The existing Google Pixel lags behind existing flagships when it comes to water and dust resistance. While Samsung's Galaxy S7 handset comes with an IP68 rating, Pixel arrived with an IP53 rating which means that it is basically splash-proof from certain angles but will definitely not survive a dip. The ingress points in the phone is at the bottom and unless water is sprayed directly at it, the phone will be safe. This basically means that using Pixel phones in the shower will be a £500 plus hole in your pocket.

A waterproof test video conducted on the Google Pixel last year showed that the phone survived lying face up in a dish of water as well as when water was sprayed on it. While this may suggest that the phone may indeed feature a semblance of waterproofing, Google may want to work on its rating to ensure the phone doesn't lose out to other competent flagship phones launching this year. LG is taking a similar route with the G6 flagship which could turn out to be the company's first flagship phone to lack a removable battery.

Source: 9to5Google

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