Ex-flagship phones that now cost less than £400

The dynamic nature of the smartphone industry virtually assures that if a premium phone is worth over £500 today, it will lose a third of its value by the time its successor takes its place.

There are a number of premium smartphones which carried the premium tag a year ago but are worth less than £400 today.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 arrived as a true competitor to Apple's iPhone 6 thanks to similar features like a metal and glass body, lack of a MicroSD slot, a similar frame and a non-removable battery. The phone looked sleek and premium and sold in millions around the world, even if it couldn't match the popularity of the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S6 has since been replaced by the Galaxy S7 which will give way to the Galaxy S8 in April this year. Still a capable phone when compared to many others in the industry, the 32GB Galaxy S6 is now worth £374 in the UK inclusive of VAT. The phone is presently out of stock on Samsung's UK website but you can pick it up from other retailers or order it online.


The curiously curved LG G4 was once among the most good looking smartphones in the industry. While it rivalled other premium phones in terms of features and specifications, it also won many hearts, including of our readers, for its brilliant camera, thereby winning the Camera Phone of the Year award at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2015.

LG G4 is still in the market and its 5.5-inch curved screen is still a beauty to adore. If you love online shopping, you can purchase the G4 from Amazon for just £329.99, which is as much as what the OnePlus 3 costs.

HTC (One) M9

The much-loved HTC (One) M9, which arrived around the same time as the Galaxy S6 and the LG G4, featured a hairline texture all-metal back and sides, and much improved craftsmanship, ergonomics and structure. The metal gave it a pleasant weighty feel, making it seem very premium and like an extension of your accessories, jewellery and probably a very expensive watch. The two-tone element of the dual coloured metal on the phone was impressive as well.

Surprisingly, the M9 is now worth just £309 on Amazon. This makes it aa much better alternative compared to the G4 or the Galaxy S7. Given how its looks stood out among its peers, buying it now wouldn't be a bad idea for those who buy phones for their looks.

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