Kaymera Secured Pixel is the most secure Google phone ever

Kaymera today launched an ultra-secure version of Google's Pixel smartphone, claiming that the phone will be secure from all types of external exploit attempts.

Kaymera Secured Pixel comes with security software pre-installed and doesn't include any hardware changes to the original Pixel phone.

If you use a Kaymera Secure Pixel phone, you won't feel like you are using a modified version of the phone as far as looks or hardware are concerned. Users of this variant will be able to make use of Google Pixel's hardware, including the fingerprint scanner, like any other Pixel phone. They will also be able to use all the apps without noticing much change in them. Kaymera's security software will run in the background and will protect the phone's applications at all times.

According to Kaymera, while Google Pixel has addressed the increasing fragmentation in the Android ecosystem, it still requires additional security measures so that it can be used by enterprises and government organisations without falling victim to increasingly potent malware or hacking attempts. Kaymera's software ensures that the data stored in the Pixel phone and communication modes like voice, data and messaging are kept fully secured from external threats.

"With the Pixel, Google has raised the bar for Android devices, using the best possible hardware platform – but the operating system and various software layers still need further enhancements to provide robust security before it can be used safely in corporate or government environments. However, that security must not affect or restrict productivity, or the functionality of their familiar apps and device features.  Kaymera’s secured Pixel phone is unique in enabling organizations to meet the demands for both military-grade security and usability simultaneously, without any compromises,” said Avi Rosen, CEO of Kaymera.

Kaymera's security software, which has made it among the top mobile security providers for government organisations and enterprises, brings in strong encryption settings, offers protection from attacks emanating via WiFi, cellular, USB, NFC or Bluetooth to web, protects hardware like the microphone, camera and GPS and its Detection and Enforcement layer monitors, detects and blocks malicious code or misbehaving apps.


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