The best fitness trackers for under £50

With the new year arriving, it is but natural for many amongst us to look at themselves in the mirror and decide if its time to shape up. With new fitness tracking technologies available at affordable prices, it isn't hard for one to get the right trackers which suit their needs, are easy to play with and are right for their pockets.

Here are a few standalone fitness trackers which offer detailed tracking of your activities and are priced at less than £50 as well.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (£35.99)

Mi Band 2 is among the most popular budget-priced fitness bands around. Despite being lightweight, it features an OLED display and a Touchpad which let users view their activity results and other details like distance covered, time, heart rate and body temperature. The OLED display also shows the time when you raise your hand, thus functioning as a watch as well as a tracker at the same time.

Mi Band 2 comes with a built-in motion and heart rate sensor, a pedometer for accurate step counting and comes with an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, which means it can survive contact with running water, dust, sweat, oil and other substances. The OLED display panel is smudge proof and fingerprint-proof, thus staying clean during your activity and the OLED display is highly power-efficient, letting you use the tracker for long periods on a single charge.

Jawbone UP2 (£29.99)

Jawbone UP2 tracks the number of steps taken, sleep quality, exercise and overall calories burned in an given time period. It can also wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle through the new 'smart alarm' feature. However, the UP2 is 45 per cent slimmer than its predecessor which means you should find it much more comfortable to carry. It also contains a new clasp and an anodized aluminium frame three single colour LEDs with different functions. Double tapping on any of these LEDs will activate their unique functions suited to your needs. The Orange LED is set up to monitor activity, Blue LED for sleep tracking and the White LED is for notifications.

Aside from monitoring sleep and physical activities, Jawbone UP2 can also calculate nutritional consumption including calorie counts. The amount of food intake can either be entered in the device manually or through a barcode. Along with being waterproof and splash-resistant, the Jawbone UP2 can also run for seven straight days without charging- a feature not many smartwatches or fitness trackers can boast.

Goji GO (£50)

Available only at Currys, the Goji GO fitness tracking wristband features a 7-day battery life under normal usage and does everything else that a fitness tracker should. Fitness tracking works via a companion Goji GO app and includes details of steps, distance travelled, calories burnt and active time both in real-time as well as post workouts.

Goji GO's display can be customised via settings like Auto Stride, Auto Tilt Screen Walk Up and Auto Sleep Mode. The latter helps you track your sleep pattern and if Bluetooth is enabled, the device auto syncs all fitness data to the companion smartphone app. The rechargeable battery typically takes 3 hours to get fully charged but can last for as long as 7 days, depending upon usage. Goji GO weighs just 18g, is water resistant to up to 3 atmospheres and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


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