The best fitness trackers for under £100

With the new year arriving, it is but natural for many amongst us to look at themselves in the mirror and decide if its time to shape up. With new fitness tracking technologies available at affordable prices, it isn't hard for one to get the right trackers which suit their needs, are easy to play with and are right for their pockets.

Here are a few standalone fitness trackers which offer detailed tracking of your activities and are priced at less than £100 as well.

Fitbit Flex 2 (from £69.95)

How about a fitness tracker that won't die when you go for a swim? From splashes, deep dives to bubble baths, this tracker can survive them all and offers your swimming results summary in the companion Fitbit app as well. What's more, it can track your sleep automatically, track your steps, measures calories burnt, distance travelled and active hours and can run for five days on a single charge.

Aside from offering fitness tracking, the Flex 2 can also offer call and text alerts through colour-coded lights in its LED display, reminds you to keep moving to meet your daily target and lets you view on its display how much activity is left for you to meet your fitness target.

Fitbit Charge HR Activity Wristband (from £79.95)

This wristband from Fitbit is wider than the Flex 2, probably explaining the slightly higher price tag, and specialises in offering continuous, automatic heart rate readings from your wrist. Featuring a tiny LED display, it can track your sleep automatically, record your workouts to let you view real-time or post-workout summaries. It isn't swim-proof but can track your runs and measure distance covered, floors climbed, active minutes and calories burnt.

Like the Flex 2, the Charge HR wristband also offers call notifications but it can also show you the time, set silent alarms and sync stats wirelessly to companion smartphones.

Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition (£89.99)

Misfit's new Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition tracker can track swimmers' lap counts with great precision for all stroke types, offer reminders and help with instant feedback on activities through a vibration motor and multicolour lights. The rainbow-coloured lights not only help swimmers view the progress of an activity but also tell the time. The tracker also comes with a countdown swim timer which vibrates when an activity is completed and can send vibe alarms through text and notifications.

The tracker can also work as a remote, selfie trigger, presentation clicker or as a button to activate or to turn off smart home devices through Misfit Link compatibility. It brings in an extended Bluetooth range, improved tough responsiveness and faster syncing compared to its predecessor, the Speedo Shine tracker. While using Speedo Shine 2, you will need to purchase swim tracking and lap counting technology on the Misfit app to make it work.

Apart from Swimming, Speedo Shine 2 can also track other activities like walking, running, cycling, and light and deep sleep. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminium and is water-resistant to 50 metres, making it suitable for diving as well. You can purchase the tracker on, and for just £89.99.

Jawbone UP3 tracker (£64.95)

Jawbone's UP3 tracker stands out for its casual looks as well as the range of colours it is available in. Once priced at well over £100, it is available today at prices starting from £64.95, making it among the most affordable fitness trackers around.

The UP3 tracker offers resting, passive and active heart rate readings, automatic deep, light and REM sleep readings, helps you make informed healthy choices like setting achievable fitness goals and tracks steps, distance covered, calories burnt and active minutes. Its more of a no-fuss tracker and does exactly what it is made for without treading the smart notification area.

Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker (£79)

Priced at less than £100, the vivoSmart HR activity tracker comes with a prominent display, letting you view steps, distance, calories, heart rate, floors climbed and activity intensity in real time without having to refer to a companion app. It covers all the fitness basics like heart rate monitoring, counting steps taken and distance covered and offering fitness reminders through vibration alerts.

The tracker is also capable of offering text, call, email, calendar and social media alerts and lets you control your music through the display controls. It can also be used to control a VIRB® action camera which needs to be purchased separately.


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