Here's how buyers reacted to their new Apple AirPods!

Apple's AirPods have begun arriving in stores and in consumers' hands of late and so far, reviews of Apple's first wireless wearables have been positive.

Increasing demand for Apple AirPods during the holiday season has forced supplier to increase production.

A report from Chinese Economic Daily News recently revealed that Investec, the manufacturer of Apple's AirPods, is planning on increasing production of the wearables following increased demand for it during the holiday season. What this means is that demand for AirPods has exceeded Apple's expectations or that production of AirPods were taking place slower than expected. Due to delay in production, Apple's AirPods release date was previously shifted from late October to the first half of December.

Now that a large number of AirPods are getting delivered to customers across regions, the first impressions have started trickling in on social media. So far, a large majority of all reviews have been very favourable towards AirPods, with some calling them the best wireless wearables to buy. With more and more such reviews appearing on Facebook and Twitter, Tim Cook's assessment on AirPods being 'a runaway success' seems right on the mark.

Here are some AirPod reviews which appeared on Twitter today and we will add some more of them in the coming days:





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