Apple terms AirPods 'a run away success' but supply constraints persist

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company's new wireless AirPods are  “a run away success” and that Apple is doing what it can to improve supplies.

Apple has begun satisfying pre-orders for AirPods but it is not clear by when the supply issues will stabilise.

Apple's £159 AirPods are now available to buy at select stores but as far as the UK is concerned, not many Apple Stores will be stocking them until the second week of February. Nevertheless, Apple CEO Tim Cook remains confident that Apple will be able to produce enough units to reduce supply constraints in the near future.

Apple's AirPods available to pick up at West Field Apple Store today!

In a short interview given to CNBC, Cook said that AirPods have so far been “a run away success” which implies that pre-orders for the wearable may have crossed the company's expectations. However, Apple doesn't talk about sales figures as a matter of principle so there's no way to tell how many have so far been pre-ordered around the world and how many of them have been satisfied.

After launching them along with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus handsets in September, Apple promised that AirPods would be available from late October. However, the company had to shift the release date by six weeks owing to production issues and it is now expected that supply constrains should ease a little by 7 February when most of the Apple Stores in the UK will start receiving fresh stocks.

The list of Apple Stores which will be stocking AirPods from 7 February include stores at Regent Street, Covent Garden, Brent Cross, Stratford City, Bentall Centre, Bromley, Watford, Lakeside, Bluewater and The Oracle. The Apple Store at Selfridges haven't announced a date when they will be stocking AirPods but Apple's White City Store at Westfield, London is presently stocking AirPods for direct purchases.

Prepare to shell out £65 for each lost Apple AirPod

Apple's AirPods are presently worth £159 but if you lose any of them, Apple has said it will charge £65 to replace it. Apple will also charge £65 for a lost charging case and £45 for a battery service. If you buy AirPods with Apple's One Year Limited Warranty, then Apple will service your AirPods or charging case for free and will also replace defective batteries. But if you don't go for the warranty, then Apple will charge you a service fee for servicing your products.

To use AirPods, you must own an iPhone running iOS 10 or an Apple Watch running WatchOS 3, including the latest ones. The device is light, offers better music quality compared to traditional EarPods, lets you move away from your iPhone while using them and connects automatically with your Apple devices without requiring any setup process.

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