LG G6 was supposed to arrive with a curved OLED display, but a recent report from Korea indicates that LG has shelved the idea.

New update: LG G6 is a stunner, leaked images suggest

LG G6, like what most leaks suggest, will launch at Mobile World Congress on February 26 but so far, we have come across a number of leaks and rumours which have given us a pretty good idea of what the phone will be like. While unconfirmed images of the smartphone have been spotted as well, The Verge today revealed an image which it says is a confirmed image of the upcoming LG flagship.

The image shows the top half of the phone featuring a single front camera, chamfered edges, thinner bezels and a flat display. Because the phone will feature a 5.7-inch QHD+ display, the screen to body ratio has been increased to 90% and the aspect ratio has been kept at 2:1, which makes us quite curious on how the visual experience will be like. To add to it, the display is curved around its edges, making the phone look unique and beautiful in appearance.

The phone also appears less curved at the corners compared to the G5 but resembles the Pixel and the iPhone 7 more, suggesting that LG has decided to reengineer the phone's design not only to resemble the popular ones but also to move away from the G5's unpopular design concept which was attuned to a modular setup. We'd love to view more images of the phone, especially of its back, but we'll probably have to wait until February 26 for that.

Latest LG G6 leaked photos confirm dual rear cameras with metal & glass body

We have already come across a few renders of LG's upcoming G6 flagship phone and from what we know, we should get to see the first official images of the G6 on February 26 when LG will host a launch event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. However, that doesn't mean we won't get a peek or two at the flagship thanks to leaks, speaking of which, there are a couple of new ones.

Smartphone case maker Ghostec has revealed a couple of cases for the LG G6 with the phone placed inside these cases. The pictures reveal a metal and glass body, dual rear cameras flanking dual LED flashes placed vertically and a circular fingerprint sensor below the cameras just like in last year's G5. At the front, there are noticeable gaps between where the display screen ends and where the edges are at the top and bottom, which destroys notions on the phone being bezel-free.

LG recently announced its new 5.7-inch QHD+ display and if the display screen does make it to the G6, then the G6 would easily be 6-inches long or maybe more. However, there's no way to tell if these pictures are genuine so we will wait for more authentic sources to confirm these. As per LG, the new display screen is 30% more power-efficient and more responsive compared to its predecessor.

LG G6 may feature multiple displays with a large surface area

LG today gave another clear indication of what's coming up at Mobile World Congress by sharing a new GIF on its Facebook page. The image shows a smartphone display which expands in three steps, suggesting that the G6 may feature not two, but three displays which may allow users to view two or three screens at a time or view notifications and updates on any of them. At the bottom, the display features a TV mode, a keypad shortcut and a fullscreen option.

The image may also indicate that the G6 screen could be taller than we thought, featuring lesser bezels and a larger surface area to make it easier for users to watch movies, surf the web or play games. Incidentally, LG's previous teaser video had also hinted on a larger display including a second screen at the top for notifications and shortcuts to apps.

LG recently introduced its new 5.7-inch QHD+ display featuring a pixel resolution of 1440 x 2880 pixels and a pixel density of 564ppi. The display is 30% more power-efficient compared to LG's InTouch QHD display which was used in the G5 and V20, is more responsive and comes with a thinner screen. Rumour says that the display is tailor-made for the G5 but may also feature in subsequent LG smartphones like the V30.

LG G6 to feature new cooling system and its battery will undergo extensive safety tests

Considering what happened to Samsung's star-studded Galaxy Note 7, LG is leaving no stones unturned towards ensuring that the upcoming G6 will be totally safe to use and will not overheat or blow up. The company recently announced that it is including new copper heat pipes in the G6 to ensure that the heat generated will dissipate quickly and will keep the phone cool under all circumstances.

“We will significantly improve the safety and quality of our new flagship smartphones as more consumers seek safe smartphones,” said the company. According to the Korean Herald, the G6 will be the first LG smartphone to feature copper heat pipes which can be termed as an additional precaution the company is willing to take to avoid taking the Galaxy Note 7 route.

At the same time, LG is also subjecting the G6 battery to extensive safety tests to ensure it is immune to overheating or explosions. Testing on the G6 battery includes subjecting it to temperatures 15-degrees hotter than European standards as well as subjecting it to drop tests from great heights. With new smartphones featuring larger batteries than hitherto, it is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure that performance and longevity aren't ensured at the cost of safety and going by LG's comments, it seems the company isn't taking its responsibilities lightly.

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LG's first G6 video teases a large screen, waterproof design and more

LG has released its first teaser video for the G6 and going by what the company wants us to believe, the G6 may not be as large as the G5 but will feature a larger display which could be a result of a curved screen or a bezel-free design concept.


To add to the larger screen, the G6 will also feature a waterproof design but it remains to be seen whether it will be as waterproof as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or whether it will be simply splash-resistant. At the same time, LG also talks about 'capture it all at once' which may refer to a wide-angle camera, either rear or front, which may capture more landscape compared to existing LG phone cameras. In the teaser video, the body of the G6 looks slim and curved at the edges which is very much like Google's Pixel or Samsung's Galaxy S7 smartphones and is not much of a surprise.

LG G6 to feature LG's new InTouch QHD+ display

LG today introduced a new 5.7-inch QHD+ resolution display which the company confirmed will be used in its upcoming flagship phone, the LG G6.

The new QHD+ display comes with a pixel resolution of 1440 x 2880 pixels and a pixel density of 564ppi which is more than in any other smartphone display in the world. Thanks to the display, the G6 will be able to offer immersive viewing experience to users thanks to an aspect ratio of 18:9 which will also facilitate dual screen multi-tasking which is one of the main features introduced by Android 7.0 Nougat OS.

"We expect to maximize user experience and customer value through the super high-quality display with its new 18:9 aspect ratio, which sets it apart from conventional displays for smartphones. LG Display will continue to set new standards in premium mobile displays, based on its differentiated technology," said Dr. Byeong-koo Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of Mobile Development Group 1 at LG Display.

Despite being superior in terms of resolution, the QHD+ display is 30% more power-efficient compared to LG's InTouch QHD display which was used in the G5 and V20. The display will also be more tough-responsive than its predecessors and its outdoor visibility will be better. The quicker responsiveness can be achieved thanks to a thinner display frame along with slimmer bezels.

LG G6, by most accounts, will not be a modular phone unlike the LG G5 so LG may introduce several new features to make the phone competitive and attractive to buyers. The new record-setting display could be one such feature and we are sure to hear about more such technologies in the coming days.

LG G6 is coming soon and will not be a modular phone

A new report in The Wall Street Journal quotes LG's Chief Technology Officer Skott Ahn to confirm that G6 is in the works and will be launched 'in the very near future.' Considering that LG's G-series flagship phones are usually launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February or March every year, it is now clear that LG has no plans of deviating from its regular schedule.

The report further states that the upcoming LG G6 will not be a modular phone, unlike the failed G5, and that LG will be focussing on its aesthetics and usability to make it both user-friendly as well as convenient to use. Considering how good the V20 was, even though it did not arrive in the UK, we are sure LG will be able to offer a strong alternative to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC 11 or the iPhone 7. Skott Ahn has confirmed that LG is committed to the mobile business so we should expect the company to launch several new phones this year but that may depend on how well the G6 will be received in global markets.

Yet another piece of news coming in from the Wall Street Journal is that the LG G6 will be priced around the same as the G5, which means that the G6 should cost no more than £499 which will seem quite a bargain compared to the price tags of other competing flagship phones.

Leaked LG G6 renders betray lack of a modular design

It has often been said that the modular design of the LG G5, which was introduced as a game changer, ultimately led to its downfall. The outer casing of the G5 was tinny at best and the modular feature didn't quite work out as smoothly as on the Moto Z. To add to it, LG delayed launching modular accessories for the G5 by several months, thus leaving G5 owners grounded and unable to use the phone's unique features.

LG seems to have learnt its lesson, for leaked renders of the upcoming G6 flagship phone now reveal a lack of a modular design. Serial leakster @OnLeaks has published a 360-degree view of the G6 which shows pretty much everything one needs to know about the phone. There's a dual rear camera setup, a fingerprint scanner on the back, a USB Type-C port on the bottom, glossy and matte finish back panels, a 3.5mm headphone jack and front-facing speakers. The images were first published by Gear India and as far as we can see, there are no separate outlets or connectors in the phone for any modular accessories to jump in.

What this means is that LG would launch the G6 as a standalone device and may launch a number of accessories which will connect wirelessly with it. The Korean electronics giant has already announced plans to launch a number of Bluetooth Wireless audio devices at CES next week so there's no reason to suspect why the company wouldn't launch more of them along with the G6 at Mobile World Congress in late February.

South Korean media outlet ChosunBiz claims that LG Display has expressed inability to produce curved OLED displays in large numbers for the LG G6.

LG has apparently been working on a number of technologies and modifications which the company is planning to introduce with the upcoming G6 flagship at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. These include a curved OLED display, full metal and glass body and a super-fast charging technology, all of which have now been shelved owing to different reasons.

LG G5 battery & camera module issues emerge barely 6 months in

According to ChosunBiz, LG Display, an arm of LG that specializes in smartphone display technology, is already consumed with making OLED display panels for the Apple Watch as well as for several LG smartwatches. As such, it is unable to produce fresh curved OLED displays for the LG G6 in time to meet the release date of the upcoming flagship. LG is now reportedly adding flat screen LCD display panels in the G6 instead of OLED ones.

It is also being reported that LG was to introduce full metal and glass bodies for the LG G6 but those plans have also been shelved thanks to cost overruns. It is thus possible that LG may use the same materials as the G5 in the new phone which looked nice but the feel of it didn't really impress us. We have covered the look and feel of the LG G5 in detail in our review which you can read here.

Why the Moto Z is the modular phone the LG G5 couldn't be

Another casualty in the list is a fast-charging technology that LG was planning to launch with the G6 but it appears that the technology isn't ready for commercial release as yet. Given the battery fiasco that destroyed Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 push, it's nice to see that LG are not taking any chances with the G6 so far. However, this also means that LG will continue to trail behind other phone makers like Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei who have introduced quick-charging technologies in their premium devices.

LG G5 was launched with modular functionality as its principal USP. The phone was made to work with interchangeable modules like LG Cam Plus, LG 360 Cam, LG 360 VR and a slide-out battery module to increase its scope beyond mere texting, calling, running apps or gaming. However, its pitch was destroyed with Lenovo launched the Moto Z and Z Force with even better modular functionality as well as better looks. It remains to be seen if the G6 will b able to turn the modular game in LG's favour once it launches in February, despite losing out on several technologies which may impact its competitiveness.

LG brings Smart TVs closer to mobile

LG today announced that its Smart TVs running webOS will support over 140 different payment methods across the world. This capability will be enabled through apps enabled by developers for LG's webOS and will enable consumers to make online purchases on their LG smart TVs.

Ths new ability, thanks to a partnership with Paymentwall, will not only let you access and pay for a large selection of TV content, but will also support payments from mobile phones, tablets and laptops. So by the time LG releases the G6, a large number of third party apps may already be present on the LG app storem letting you choose and pay for a variety of content from across the world.

“By collaborating with Paymentwall, we’re able to evolve the smart TV purchasing experience on the LG webOS platform much faster than if we had worked alone. This partnership is another example of how LG’s collaborative effort has elevated us into one of the leaders in the global smart TV industry,” said Brian Kwon, President and CEO at LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

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