CES 2017: LG Tone and big screen TV to launch

LG is set to launch a number of wireless Bluetooth audio products at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas come January.

LG's new wireless gadgets will come with Hi-Fi DAC audio and 3D surround sound thanks to TONE Studio support.

If you've been looking for a good quality wireless audio speaker or an earphone, you should probably wait for another week or so. Come January, LG is set to launch a number of wireless audio products which will feature Hi-Fi audio quality as well as a number of fresh technologies to boost your listening experience at all times.

LG today announced that it will launch these products at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the first week of January. This is the second such announcement by LG after the Korean electronics giant announced last week that it will be launching a number of K-series smartphones at CES. LG's launch event will thus be interesting for us industry watchers as well as for consumers and there could still be a few surprises which LG hasn't told us about as yet.

Among the products to launch at CES will be the LG TONE Studio (model HBS-W120) personal wearable speaker. Featuring four speakers, two of which will be full range on the top and two vibrating on the bottom, the device will feature Hi-Fi DAC audio as well as DTS' surround sound experience to offer a cinematic experience.

LG's TONE Free (model HBS-F110) wireless earbuds will offer stereo experience with more battery life than ever. When stored inside the neckband, they will get charged automatically, letting you travel or move around while charging them. Aside from offering a good listening experience, these earbuds also offer vibration alerts for incoming calls and text messages and let you answer calls hands free via voice commands.

LG also announced that apart from these two models, it will launch more wireless products like TONE Infinim (model HBS-920), TONE Ultra (model HBS-820), TONE Platinum, TONE Active+, TONE Pro and LG FORCE, details of which will be available at the time of launch. Given how wireless Bluetooth technology is gaining prominence at the cost of wired ones of late, it seems LG is all set to cash in on the growing demand thanks to the varied technologies it already possesses.

“LG has a rich legacy of innovating in the wearable audio market, and our products have become the standard by which all other earphones are judged. We are committed to leading the way in this fast moving market by developing exciting new products which appeal to every music-loving and convenience-seeking individual,” said Michael Park, vice president of Innovative Personal Devices Business Division at LG Electronics.


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