Smartphone DDR4 RAM vs DDR3 RAM: WHich is better?

Among the latest innovations in smartphone technology are RAMs. RAM offer your smartphone that extra bit of memory to process several tasks at a time without stuttering, but its the DDR4 RAM that offers that extra bit of power to run power-hungry apps, including VR and AR ones.

Here's why a DDR4 RAM is infinitely better for your phone compared to a DDR3 RAM.

Modern smartphones are now arriving with more than ever powerful processors or system-on-chips to drive your smartphone's performance. But these processors cannot really function unless they are supported by efficient RAMs which offer more than enough memory. In smartphone terminology, RAMs must be in sync with processors in terms of clock speeds and this is the reason why DDR3 RAMs, which powered most premium smartphones until recently, are no longer viable.

DDR3 RAMs generate clock speeds between 800 and 2133 MT/s, much faster than DDR2 or earlier-generation RAMs and enabling quicker multi-tasking and switching between apps. However, with the latest generation of premium smartphones, a newer DDR4 RAM has started seeping in which offers speeds between 2133 and 4266 MT/s. These RAMs can work effectively with powerful processors like the Apple A10, Snapdragon 835, Exynos 8890 or Kirin 955 whose clock speeds are quite similar.

Suppose you downloaded the latest Clash of Clans app in your smartphone with a 5.7-inch display. To power such a power-hungry app along with a power-consuming display, you will not only need a powerful processor but also a powerful RAM who can match the processor's clock speed. Running a gaming app also means that you would probably want to play for several hours at a go, and here's where the DDR4 RAM comes in.

A DDR4 RAM consumes much lesser power than its predecessors. While DDR2 consumed 1.8 volts, DDR3 consumed a slightly lesser 1.5 volts and the DDR4 can get by with just 1.05 volts! This ensures a longer battery life for your smartphone without compromising on performance. Considering that the latest premium processors are also quite power-efficient, you will no longer have to worry about heavy apps killing your phone's battery or causing lag in its performance.

Among RAM manufacturers, Samsung Semiconductors and Micron are currently the best known and produce a bulk of RAMs that are powering modern smartphones. As per Android Authority, Micron's DDR4 RAM offers a clock speed of 2.1 GHz and a transfer rate of 4266 MT/s while the one manufactured by Samsung offers a clock speed of 1.6GHz and a transfer rate of 3200 MT/s. In terms of size, Micron also offers up to 16GB of DDR4 RAMs and Samsung is also working towards mass-producing the same in the near future.

So if you want to buy a smartphone with better power efficiency, higher clock speeds and amazing transfer rates, do check if the phone comes with a DDR4 RAM and do ask your seller about the manufacturer of the RAM as well.

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