These 10 apps burn through your battery and phone storage

You may not notice it, but a number of apps are today causing major performance drain on smartphones by draining battery life, storage and data usage, says a research conducted by Avast.

A Avast research has placed, WhatsCall and Wattpad as the three most performance draining Android phone apps in the world.

You may have heard it before, but despite frequent optimisations and updates, a number of smartphone apps continue to cause major battery drain, use up valuable storage and eat up your mobile data without you noticing it most of the time. An Avast research, titled the 'App Performance and Trend Report for Q3 2016', has compiled a list of apps which cause such performance drain and are thus not ideal for frequent usage.

Updated your phone recently? Expect battery life to take a hit

Plucked from anonymous data from over three million smartphone users, Avast' research results have revealed alarming levels of battery drain and storage space usage by certain apps which may seem harmless at first., an app which helps users lip-sync to their favourite tunes, takes just 2 hours to fully drain a smartphone battery when used non-stop. Watching 25 clips non-stop on the app also drains 100MB of data and this may easily add up to 3GB of data usage in a month!

A video calling app named WhatsCall also regularly drains smartphone batteries through it's background activities. The Avast research found that it is also among the top data consuming apps in the world. Other performance-killing apps which featured in the list included Wattpad, an online book resource, Jehovah’s Witnesses which offers video tutorials and introductions in high resolutions and TayuTau Pedometer which is a new fitness app. Perennial battery-hogging apps like Facebook, Spotify, Tinder and Snapchat also featured in the list.

"The official app produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses tops the charts this quarter for being one of the heaviest users of smartphone storage, as it allows users to download their bible in multiple languages, as well as letting them browse a huge library of high-resolution video tutorials. If you are keen to get hold of this content, we recommend deleting the videos once you’ve watched them to free up your storage," said the report.

Guess who's supplying the batteries for the Galaxy S8? LG!

Alongside apps, new operating system updates are also quite likely to cause major battery drain in smartphones. A study conducted by consumer group Which? has revealed that smartphone battery lives suffer by as much as three hours following the arrival of new OS updates, despite claims by firms that such updates facilitate greater power saving and low battery consumption. However, subsequent fixes and patches do restore the original battery lives in smartphones over a period of time.

The consumer group studied performances of several smartphones after they were updated with new operating system updates. It was observed that the iPhone 6 lost as much as 38 minutes of battery life after it was updated with iOS 10 and at the same time, the Google Nexus 6P's battery life crashed from 12 hours to just 9 hours after it received the new Android 7.0 Nougat update.

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