Nokia takes legal route in patent row with Apple

Nokia has sued Apple for 32 counts of patent infringements, claiming that Cupertino hasn't entered into licensing agreements since 2011 despite using Nokia's patented technologies.

Nokia intends to recover costs against Apple's use of it's patented technologies ahead of launching new smartphones in 2017.

Nokia has filed patent infringement suits in three cities in Germany against Apple and has indicated that it will wile more suits elsewhere in the near future unless Apple pays for using its patented technologies. As per Nokia, Apple has been using various patents owned by it on display, antennae, software, user interface, video coding and chipsets without entering into licensing agreements for which Nokia has been requesting it regularly.

Nokia is on the verge of re-entering the smartphone space after selling the phone-making business to Microsoft back in 2014. It ended horribly for Microsoft, leading to the virtual demise of the Lumia brand, but that hasn't stopped Nokia from launching fresh products in the market. The Finnish company is set to launch two new smartphones in 2017 to cater to premium and mid-range phone buyers across the world.

It's confirmed! Nokia to launch new smartphones next year!

It remains to be seen how long the patent litigations between Nokia and Apple will take to be resolved but it is now clear that Nokia isn't willing to share it's patents anymore unless it has licensing agreements to show for them. The litigation may result in some fresh agreements between the two companies but since we haven't heard from Apple so far, it's not possible to speculate on this further.

Nokia has entrusted HMD Global, a new company consisting of former Nokia employees, to develop future smartphones under the Nokia brand. The company has licenced the brand name from Microsoft and has said that it will be developing Nokia phones in partnership with contract manufacturer Foxconn, the first of which will be released early next year.

HMD Global is intent on taking advantage of the 'nostalgia' factor that people still harbour about feature phones launched by Nokia over a decade ago. Nokia used to be a global leader in feature phone manufacturing and even though the world has changed quite a lot in the decade that passed, the Nokia name may still hold some relevance in today's smartphone market.

Even though HMD Global will be armed with the Nokia brand name, they will need to bring in phones powerful enough to take on the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei in global markets. The new phones will need to be capable of supporting VR and AR concepts, feature the best of processing power, battery life and memory and offer seamless performance no matter how hard they are pushed by demanding users. And of course, their pricing will need too be spot on as well.

Nokia phones to have light-sensitive graphene sensors

From what we know so far, Nokia will launch two phones together whenever the company decides to launch them. According to Phone Radar, Nokia's two new phones will run the recently launched Android 7.0 Nougat OS with Nokia's own Z launcher interface. Featuring 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch Quad HD displays, they will arrive with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 SoCs, Adreno 530 GPUs and IP68 dustproof and waterproof ratings. The report adds that the devices will be manufactured by contract-manufacturer Foxconn and distributed by HMD Global once launched.

If the rumours claimed by Phone Radar turn out to be true, then it implies that rather than launching a mid-range device, Nokia will go all-out to challenge premium smartphones and phablets with impressive design, specifications and features. Their success will also depend on how Nokia will price the phones in different regions, especially in the UK where OnePlus was recently forced to hike prices of the OnePlus 3 following Brexit.

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