Apple's AirPods available to pick up at West Field Apple Store today!

Apple's much-delayed AirPods are finally available to pick up at Apple's White City Store at Westfield, London.

Apple Stores at Regent Street, Covent Garden and Brent Cross will stock AirPods from 7 February.

Apple's AirPods are available to pre-order on Apple's website but you can now pick up or buy AirPods at Apple's White City Store at Westfield, London. It is the only store to stock AirPods at the moment as all other Apple Stores around won't be stocking AirPods until 7 February or even later.

The list of Apple Stores which will be stocking AirPods from 7 February include stores at Regent Street, Covent Garden, Brent Cross, Stratford City, Bentall Centre, Bromley, Watford, Lakeside, Bluewater and The Oracle. The Apple Store at Selfridges haven't announced a date when they will be stocking AirPods.

Apple's AirPods are presently worth £159 but if you lose any of them, Apple has said it will charge £65 to replace it. Apple will also charge £65 for a lost charging case and £45 for a battery service. If you buy AirPods with Apple's One Year Limited Warranty, then Apple will service your AirPods or charging case for free and will also replace defective batteries. But if you don't go for the warranty, then Apple will charge you a service fee for servicing your products.

Featuring revolutionary W1 chips, AirPods come with voice accelerometers with noise cancellation, letting you give crisp voice commands to your connected iPhone or Apple Watch without interference from external sounds. Thanks to a range of sensors, the AirPods are also programmed to start playing music or pause them whenever you put the AirPods in or out of your ears, thus conserving battery life and also saving you from putting in the effort of playing and pausing music manually.

To use AirPods, you must own a phone running iOS 10 or an Apple Watch running WatchOS 3, including the latest ones. The device is light, offers better music quality compared to traditional EarPods, lets you move away from your iPhone while using them and connects automatically with your Apple devices without requiring any setup process.

AirPods, based on advanced wireless Bluetooth technology, are of the same size as Apple's traditional EarPods but lack the wires which keep you connected with your iPhone or iPad. Once fully charged, these AirPods can let you listen to music wirelessly for five hours but if you are carrying the portable case along, you will be able to recharge the AirPods for a much longer usage. The maximum life of the AirPods, including boost provided by the case, is 24 hours and Siri will let you know about the battery status if you ask her about it.

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