Apple Maps' Transit mode now covers the whole of UK!

Apple Maps' updated Transit service, which shows routes for long and short distance journeys, now covers the whole of UK.

Apple Maps now shows transit options for the entire country as part of an update for iOS 10 devices.

Apple was late to the 'Maps' party where Google and HERE maps were already established players and Apple's inexperience in the field showed when Tim Cook was forced to admit that Apple had botched it. However, Apple fought back with a vengeance and around the same time last year, Cook reappeared to state that Apple's Maps service received as many as five billion requests each month.

Apple Maps' turnaround occurred when the Cupertino giant introduced public transportation data with iOS 9 in September of last year. The new 'Transit view' let users spot airports, stations and subways quickly on the app while travelling or searching for directions to distant locations. However, the most significant shot in the arm for Apple maps arrived with iOS 10.

iOS 10 gave an entirely new dimension to Apple Maps. Users are now able to pan and zoom around the map and the navigation software also dynamically zooms in and out of long stretches and complex interchanges. Also added is traffic on route and expanded Nearby functionality with more points of interest that you can find along your route. Vehicles that supports Apple CarPlay not only get suggested alternate routes based on traffic conditions, Maps' turn-by-turn directions can pop up on the instrument (if they have a screen next to the odometer). What's more, Apple has also opened up  Maps to third-party developers, so Uber riders can call, follow and pay for their ride without ever leaving Apple's app!

Earlier today, Apple filled the last glaring app in it's Maps service which has probably closed the gap with Google Maps in terms of coverage. Apple Maps' Transit mode now covers the whole of UK. What this means is that you will be able to trust Apple Maps to serve as a navigator when you're going on a cross-country drive or visiting your childhood village out in the country. Just so you know, aside from the UK, the transit mode is now covering the whole of China and Japan as well. Detailed transit information is also available for some major cities across the world like London, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Washington DC, Toronto, New York City, Berlin, San Francisco and Mexico City among others.

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