BT sets its eyes on mobile usage by businesses; offers large value bundles

BT today launched it's new Mobile Sharer plan which is aimed at business looking for data, minutes and text bundles to control their overall mobile costs.

The Mobile Sharer plans lets businesses choose mobile bundles which can be shared across all employees.

If you own a medium sized business, you may be required to give mobile phones to your employees with data, minutes and text allowances so that they can perform their work quickly. However, won't it be a lot cheaper for you if you were to subscribe to a large bundle which could be shared with all your employees? BT today introduced such an offering which it calls Mobile Sharer. Mobile Sharer enables optimal usage of data, minutes and texts and lets businesses save mobile costs by subscribing to value-for-money bundles.

“This new plan is geared towards giving businesses greater confidence when investing in their mobile assets by increasing flexibility and boosting mobile security. The ability to share call, text and data allowances helps to lower costs while flexible international roaming options remove the worry of employees incurring unexpected bills when working overseas," said Mike Tomlinson, BT’s MD SME.

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If you are a business owner, you will be able to buy mobile data ranging from 1GB to 6TB and a minimum of 1,000 minutes and texts to unlimited minutes and texts, based on the needs of your business and the number of people you have hired. If you subscribe to Mobile Sharer, you will be able to enjoy BT's Extra Speed 4G which will give you up to 60 Mbps of mobile speeds. You will also be able to access more than 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK which are part of BT's Wi-Fi estate.

If you use a Mobile Sharer plan for your business, your business devices will be kept secure through use of lock-screen passcodes, mobile malware detection software and device-level encryption. You will also be able to remotely access a lost device, secure all the information stored in it or even erase the stored data. At the same time, a suite of reporting tools will let you keep track of  device status, user information, log-in attempts and compliance with password policies.

"We’re also proud to be offering BlackBerry UEM which provides the granular control and visibility that IT needs to secure all endpoints of all major OS platforms and device ownership models with a single console. When combined with the power of EE’s extensive 4G network and more than 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots this is really the perfect platform to enable secure mobile working,” Tomlinson added.

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BT's Mobile Sharer comes not long after the network launched 'One Mobile Anywhere' which is another attempt at helping users cut costs incurred during  international roaming. Using the service, users can buy new EE SIM cards and enjoy fixed data roaming charges almost anywhere in the world. This would mean that those travelling for business purposes won't have to incur huge charges in data roaming and in purchasing separate SIMs in new regions with high tariff rates.

The new SIM card will support 4G networks in 61 countries, including many European ones like Germany, France, Spain, US, Poland, Belgium and The Netherlands. It will also support 3G networks in 159 countries so that in regions where 4G coverage isn't available, employees can make do with slower but more readily available 3G speeds. The good part about this is that international companies will also be able to buy such EE SIMs if they have on-site offices in the UK.

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