Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Leaks, features, pricing and release date

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco doesn't mean there won't be a Galaxy Note 8 as Samsung aims to continue with the Note line for now.

Samsung has announced that South Korean owners of Galaxy Note 7 who received S7 replacements will be eligible to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 8.

New update: Leaked! First image of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung have already confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 will be a reality, but precious little details of the upcoming phablet have leaked so far. What we already know so far, thanks to leaks, is that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature multi-layer safety measures and 8-Point Battery Safety Check along with a bezel-free display.

Thanks to Evan Blass, we now have the first image of how the Galaxy Note 8 will look like once launched. Blass published an image of the device on Twitter which features smoothly curved edges and huge bezels, quite unlike the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. There will also be a redesigned stylus accompanying the Galaxy Note 8. 

According to another Twitter source named Ice universe, Samsung has code-named the Galaxy Note 8 as BAIKAL, after the world's deepest lake in Siberia. Whether it is meant to project the Note 8 as a cool device as opposed to the sizzling Galaxy Note 7 is anybody's guess. The source doesn't add anything else to the leak so we would want to take the code name with a pinch of salt at the moment.

Samsung confirms it will launch the Galaxy Note 8 this year

Amidst all the talk about whether Samsung will be able to keep its future devices secure from overheating or explosions, D J Koh, President of Samsung's mobile business recently confirmed that there will indeed be a Galaxy Note 8 and that it will be a much improved version compared to the ill-fated Note 7.

“I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8," he said during a recent press conference in South Korea where Samsung revealed the reasons behind the Note 7 fiasco. Citing batteries supplied by suppliers as the main cause of Note 7 disasters, Samsung said it will implement a series of measures in upcoming devices to ensure such incidents do not occur again.

“For the last several months, together with independent industry expert organizations, we conducted thorough investigation to find cause to the Galaxy Note7 incidents. Today, more than ever, we are committed to earning the trust of our customers through innovation that redefines what is possible in safety, and as a gateway to unlimited possibilities and incredible new experiences,” said Koh.

Samsung's new measures like multi-layer safety measures and 8-Point Battery Safety Check could feature in Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus as well as a number of other smartphones which the company may launch over the course of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Leaks, features, pricing and release date

The Galaxy Note 7 received a tremendous reception when launched and if the battery issues hadn't spoiled the party, Samsung's smartphone business would have been sitting on unprecedented profits by now. However, as things have turned out, Samsung has lost billions in recalling and replacing Galaxy Note 7 handsets and there's a chance that the anger of consumers may spill over to the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge phones, aided by the fact that Samsung is yet to come up with a satisfactory answer to why the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco took place in the first place.

Despite the Galaxy Note 7 turning out to the flop of the year, Samsung is intent on keeping the Note line alive and has confirmed that there will be a Galaxy Note 8 next year. The company's Galaxy Upgrade programme in South Korea is now notifying Note 7 buyers that those who replaced their handsets with the Galaxy S7 will be able to upgrade to either the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy Note 8 next year at half the price of the Galaxy S7.

Samsung sold 12 million fewer phones than last year- Note 7 to blame?

A few days ago, we reported that Samsung may launch a couple of foldable phones in 2017 along with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge to keep it's revenue rolling. Since the Note 8 development will go on as planned, the foldable phones will only support the flagships in terms of sales rather than leading the fight against Apple, Huawei and other phone makers.

Since most of the industry has so far been speculating on whether there will be a Galaxy Note 8 or not, there have been no rumours or leaks on the handset so far but what we would expect in the least would be a bezel-free AMOLED display, fingerprint sensor in the back and powerful processing power and battery life to boot. However, nothing is confirmed as of now but as soon as we hear more, we'll let you know.

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