Prepare to shell out £65 for each lost Apple AirPod

Apple has said it will charge £65 to replace a lost AirPod if a buyer loses it, £65 for a lost charging case and £45 for a battery service.

Apple's AirPods aren't interconnected and anyone can lose them while travelling or just about any time. So would you pay for them?

Apple's wireless AirPods, which will go on sale next week at Apple Stores, are presently priced at £159 and people have often wondered how much it would cost them to replace individual AirPods in case they lost them. Apple today resolved the mystery by announcing the cost of replacing single AirPods, battery cases and for servicing batteries. Apple has said it will charge £65 to replace a lost AirPod if a buyer loses it, £65 for a lost charging case and £45 for a battery service.

If you buy Apple's AirPods with Apple's One Year Limited Warranty, then Apple will service your AirPods or charging case for free and will also replace defective batteries. But if you don't go for the warranty, then Apple will charge you a service free for servicing your products. In case you end up losing any of your AirPods or the charging case, then a replacement will cost you £65 and £45 respectively and given how small they are, there's a big chance that you may lose them while travelling. So if you're not sure if the AirPods will be good for your wallet, here are a few alternative wireless headphones which will work with Apple's iPhone 7/ 7 Plus handsets.

Philips Fidelio M2L
Price: £199.99
Retailer: Selfridges

Fitted with a Lightning port, Fidelio M2L offers a good alternative if one doesn't fancy EarPods, or for that matter, AirPods that much. Featuring built-in DAC audio, the headphone transmits Hi-Res audio with advanced noise cancellation and memory foam cushions ensure that you can use them for many hours at a time without turning your ears sore.

Audeze Sine Lightning edition
Price: £449
Available at:

Among the pricier headphones around, the Lightning edition of Sine features built-in 24-bit DAC audio, not only letting you enjoy superior
audio but also letting you interact with Siri via an in-line remote. The headphones also feature planar magnetics technology which is usually present in more expensive headphones and should justify its price tag over long term usage.

Denon AH-GC20
Price: £169
Available at:

Priced slightly more than Apple's wireless AirPods, AH-GC20 combines decent listening experience with a 'business class' design which makes it look sleek and comfortable. The headphone supports hands-free calling and brings in quite a bit of noise cancellation too.

Price: £199

Perfect for your fitness regimen and your brand new iPhone 7, the H5 wireless earphones are very light and thanks to their magnetic property, the buds can stay clipped together around our neck when you're not using them to ensure that they don't slide off your neck. These are available in a choice of black, dusty rose and moss green colours and are capable of offering prolonged wireless usage thanks to their automatic battery saving feature.

B&O PLAY H7 Wireless Bluetooth OE Headphones
Price: £312
Available at:

H7 headphones are pricier than the H5 earphones but the best part about them is that you can either connect them to your phone via an audio cable with a 3.5mm jack or wirelessly over Bluetooth. They can run for as long as 20 hours when connected via Bluetooth, saving you from the effort of fiddling with wires while you travel. It takes around 2.5 hours for the battery to recharge during which you can use the supplied audio cable to listen to your favourite songs or audio books.

Philips M2BTBK Fidelio Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
Price: £190
Available at:

Much cheaper than the B&O PLAY H7, M2BTBK Fidelio headphones can also be connected via audio cable or Bluetooth but when connected wirelessly, they can play music for up to 10 hours, not as long as the H7 but enough to cover your trip to work and the way back. It features an acoustic seal to prevent sound leakage, deluxe memory foams for comfortable usage and ear-shell buttons to let you control volume, browse through music and switch between music and calls effortlessly.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Wireless Headphones
Price: £289.92
Available at:

Offering 20 hours of wireless usage on a single charge, QuietComfort 35 headphones can be connected with your smartphone, laptop or tablet over Bluetooth and their Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology ensures that you won't have to strain your ears to listen to music over all that din outside. The headphones can also offer a great hands-free calling experience thanks to a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system which blocks off external sounds.

Bose SoundLink II Around-Ear Wireless Headphones
Price: £179.88
Available at:

These headphones feature a number of customisations to offer you among the best value-for-money experiences among wireless headphones. While noise cancellation is a given, they can also switch between two Bluetooth devices, letting you choose which device you want to play music from. At the same time, the headphones can also automatically pause when you receive a call and resume after you've finished talking. The rechargeable battery supports music listening for as long as 15 hours on a single charge but the only disadvantage of the headphones is that they are not waterproof.

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless headphones
Price: £329.99

Lightweight and comfortable, Sennheiser's PXC 550 headphones offer phenomenal and well-balanced clarity and range of sound, supported by excellent noise cancellation. The CapTune companion app offers a great way for users to customise sounds and a range of other settings, apart from bring in an in-built music player. However, the pricing could be a concern given that Sennheiser offers many other good headphones at a lower price range.

Parrot Zik 3.0 wireless headphones
Price: £279.99
Available at:

Parrot's Zik 3 headphones feature not-so-attractive tortoise shell design and feel quite heavy on the head and the neck, but they more than compensate for these by offering extremely good audio experience. The noise cancellation is superb and the level of customisation offered by the companion app is brilliant as well. For someone who likes to tweak his/ her audio experience by adjusting frequencies, bass or other effects and doesn't need any outside noise to mar his/her audio experience, Parrot's ZIK 3 are the perfect headphones.

AKG Y50BT wireless headphones
Price: £125

For their price, AKG Y50BT headphones offer unbeatable sound quality along with decent looks. While playing music genres like hip hop, rock and metal, the headphones are in their true form. Being lightweight, the headphones are ideal for on the go users but because of the blue paint which wears off and the cheap audio cable, it may not be as durable as its users would like it to be.

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